Jallosh 2K18

A wonderful event…. Like every other beautiful day that rises up with a awesome sun and ends with a mesmerizing sunset… Something same happened at Jallosh 2K18!!!!

Of course special thanks to all committee members with chairperson and chief guest as well as our judges, participants… Each and every volunteer out there who literally gave up their comfort level and took up the responsibility of the tasks allocated, the branch staff for kindest cooperation, the event organizers, the sponsors and the most important all viewers…..the people who made the event be a success!!!!

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Dost ka Birthday

Birthdays are indeed special days of life!!! It even more special when you have got those irritating people in your life who wake you up in midnight just to ask you whether you were sleeping…yeah right friends hote h vo kamine!!!

But yeah without such antique samples of life, it would have boring!!!

So here’s a dedication from my super sweet darling HAMMY to her bestest friend (and my upcoming bestie) Aditya –



I came to the city with ample dreams

The place was where my career got new beams!!


Little did I know coming here will be filled with a beautiful surprise

I got someone whom I could rely on i


First time I saw you was as a perfect gentleman shows

That tucked shirt, blue Blazer, polished shoes and erect pose!!


First Impression I had about was Wow!!! Good personality!! What a guy!!!

And what you had was Girl with attitude and arrogance so better say a bye


Never Had I imagined that a we will gel up like this!

Hardly I thought that you will ever be in this list of people I miss


Today stands a day that I hardly imagine my routine

Without an argument where you HAVE to lose cz I have to win!!


If I had to describe our friendship!!!

Its more than just friends and less than that love-shuvwala relationship


You are my rumoured boyfriend!!!

But only a few know that you are my bestest friend!!


Our friendship has never been those formality types

Its rather been that rowdy and messy types

Where if I beat you, You wont be sad

you would rather kick me back much more bad!!

Yeah that’s our type wala friendship

Standing strong without any flip!!

Phadke par pehchaanhuyithi!!!

Strangers se friends huyewahi!!
Agle baar firse just friends bolkar mile

And there starts the dosti ka relay!!

Anup kesaath acting rehearsals for youth fest!!

Where WICASA was now my second nest!!

You had pity on me for being with ANUP the stupid hero!!

But then finally that led to a jump in our bonds from level zero!!

You just cancelled the FB request!!

So that you aren’t counted in despo boys like normal rest

Then comes the awaited event of the yea

INTERCON and paper presenting fear

Both were well handled by

You were there with me like those very few!!

As a Joint Secretary of the mega event

And a great help for me to be confident and (paper) present

And in garden of life finally blossoms a new flower

And made me realize the blessings God shower

Dosti badhti gayi and formality khatam

Friendship was Bangad+Hemangi as a sum!!!


Kon Kehta ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi hote

Jo ye maante, Janaab humaari dosti ko aa dekhe!!


Dosti badhti gayi…

Log shak karte gaye!!


Par duniya walo, aapko kya pata

iss janaab ka dil toh kisi aur ne hi h luta!!!

Koi ladki aisi nahi ki mudkar dekhi naa ho

Aur koi ladka aise naa h ki jisne taarif naa ki ho…


Par bhai tu bol na…

Eena ya Meena, Eisha ya Misha, Seeta ya Geeta!!

Kon h vo jisne tera dil h Churaaya???


Tu Bass naam bata

I promise humaare Shahehshah Akbar ko

Chand se bhi le aaege teri Jodha

Bass tu bata de Yaar!!!

Kon h tera Pyaar!!!


Tu Virus mujhe bolta h…

Par defects toh h tere mai!!

Jaise b ho Par ab tujhe dost bana liya

Har mushkil saath mai paar karege ye waada h kiya!!!


Aisi dosti nibhaege yaara

Ki sab kahegi “Dosti ho toh aisi”


Shuru kiya tha “yaaron Jee bhar k jee le pal Lagta h aaj kal” iss attitude se

Par vaada h mere dost tu b kabhi bolega “Tere jaisa yaar kaha, kaha aisa yaarna yaad karegi duniya tera mera afsaana”


Wishing you the most special day of your life!!!

Happiest Birthday, May the year get all your wishes fulfilled including my future CA Aditya Bangad!!!! (And let the year bring a lots of “SPECIAL LOVE” in your Life!!!!!)


(And a last wish from my side – Happy Birthday “Adi”. May you be blessed with HIS best blessings!!!)


Keep Smiling and spread smiles