Today is YOURS!

Many a times we spend time thinking of the things that happened either yesterday or may be somewhere in the past. And if not this we find ourselves thinking of what tomorrow, what after 2 years what after 5 years!!

Isn’t it weird that we spend the present thinking about the future or the past and the fact is – out of the both none is in our hands right now! What we have now is the present moment. Like maybe you plan of next 10 years but what if you change your city, you change your profession, what if the situation demands of a change which was not thought in your Plan A, B and C!

Not insisting that don’t plan! No, you should have an estimate, you should have a flowchart in your mind of what next! But don’t spend so much time in planning that you forget to live the present.

The day is yours make fullest of it. You need to know this – the day that you have planned has also planned something for you. You have only one day at a time. And remember no day is just a day – be it a lazy Sunday or be it motivated Monday – every day has 24 hours; every day has opportunities with it. You might get an opportunity tomorrow but the one missed today is missed forever. Be open to all of it. Some might be great some might not be that great.

Remember not every person who slept last night wake up today morning. Which simply means that today if you are able to see the morning sun rays, if you feeling the cool breeze, if you are hearing the birds chirp you also have something yet to be done. And so, you are gifted with a new set of 24 hours!

To complete the incomplete. Today is the first day of rest of your life. Yesterday was done and no matter what you cannot undo things which you did yesterday, Future is yet to come and therefore only what remains in your hand is today!  

Be thankful for every day. Affirm to yourself every time “today is a gift given by God and I will make sure to live it to the best I can”

Smile and Spread smiles!