Be a magnet

Being positive creates a healthy atmosphere around you…. It makes an circle that only entertains positivity!!!

Speaking ill about someone or thinking bad about someone may or may not harm the person…. But it will surely hammer your mental health.

Not for others… For sake of your own health just stay calm and happy.

Smile and spread smiles!!!!

You are special!!!!

Each of us was created for a purpose, a special reason. All of us were born with something that’s exclusive to us…. May be something which is possessed by only us…!!! There is a trait in every one of us that is worth of being looked upto and admired for, if we choose to respect and further upon that skill or ability that is possessed by us. The choice always lies with us. To view ourselves as worthy of the regard we actually want from the world. Guys!! Each and every tiny being on earth matters… Living of every single being is interdependent!
Life is like a mirror, reflecting back everything that you throw on it. As much as we place our worth on what the world believes or perceives of us, we fail to acknowledge that we are who WE look at ourselves like!! That is how self-confidence is born. Youneed to acknowledge your own value, you need to stand for yourself, you need to be your identity card.
And once you learn to be there for yourself the world salutes you back. Yes!! Because that is the circle of life!

Smile and spread smiles


Have you ever noticed that even if you are not sick…you still have something that is contagious in you!!! Yeah…something that spreads like the forest fire!!! The good news about this infection is everyone promotes to spread it, even the doctors!!!

Scared??? Which is the brand new virus in market!!!

Well its nothing other then the lovely “smile” you all have!!

We all live in a very calculated world, right? So the question popping in our minds can be something like why should I smile, is there any benefit out of it? So the answer to this is…Yes, there are many many benefits of just showing flaunting the white teeth!!

Mainly, it shows that you have got a optimistic attitude and keeps you fresh. It lowers your stress levels and all the anxiety. It makes people believe that you are light hearted and fun loving person. It makes you appear approachable. Smiles also have an positive impact on our immune system!!

Smile even in the situation you hardly can think properly. Let the world be confused as to the way you can balance your stress and handle every circumstances life makes go through.

Smile because you need not pay taxes on every extra smile you generate. Its a tax free investment on your body which relives your burden and makes you feel better….

Smile….if you are a teen may be your one smile can make a day for the one who has a secret crush on you..!!!

Smile…if you are a business person, may be it makes you appear more friendly to your clients and business partners

Smile…if you are a parent because your children look up to you and imitate you

Smile…if you are a doctor because it may heal your patients faster.

Smile…if you are a teacher it makes your students enjoy the learning

Smile…if you are human because that shows you are alive…it shows you have life…it shows you are something amazing… it encourages others…It makes the world a better place…It makes impossible happen

Smile and spread smiles