Morning motivation

Learn to be independent enough where you can handle yourself all alone and be dependent enough on Him and trust that all your prayers will be answered !!!!
Start with a positive attitude…. Because it acts like a magnet to attract optimistic and ambitious people….!!!!
You are responsible to your own future… Write it the best way you can….!!! Because later in days of retirement you won’t be able to undo the mistakes you did in youth!!!

Keep smiling and spread smiles….


Lets take on a topic not paid much attention to…. Well maids, yeah the same lady which comes to our house, office or society compounds to clean and all other jobs which are assumed to be inferior in nature… Well, why is it inferior no one knows!!

Like, how silly can our society be…we feel that cleaning our own clothes, vessels, house and society is inferior!!! Though that isn’t the topic of discussion today but still we need to give that a thought (may be it will form a part of future topics for writing!!!)

Without beating round the bush, Lets come to the theme of discussion i.e. The treatment we give to the maids who actually help us keeping our house and the surroundings clean. I don’t know how many of you have paid an keen attention on this, because as such we never get sensitive unless and until the victim of an incidence is someone related to us emotionally or we have got some benefit out of him!!!

Maids who work in our house and work place are humans as well, it’s just a difference that we sit on chairs of responsibilities having some white collar job and they are illiterate and have an inferior job (as we think) to do. But if we think on this more prudently, without them our white collar jobs will be so damn messy.

Imagine, one fresh Monday morning, you are all set to start the week with new zest and energy and when you reach your work place you simply see the coffee mug on your desk probably which you had on week end say Saturday is a home for houseflies or something like the papers you scrapped from your desk is still making the dustbin overflow. Oooffhh!!! Wont it be a total demotivation to your freshly started motivated monday morning???

The reason for our smooth working is somewhere or the other depended on all those maids, peons and office boys whom we think have no respect. We call them “kachrewale” but guys do you realize they are the ones who clean and not the ones who litter.

Be a little sensitive to them as well… They too are humans who have families and feelings. Remember the way you react when your maid asks a day off early or informs you that she will be late the other day, the all sort of ugly faces we make.

Come on guys, that person too has got feelings, may be some work at home or a special day of her kids. Just try to be understanding because that’s what the world needs today. We have got enough technology and all sort of luxuries, its time to make our hearts luxurious!!!!

#stay happy

Keep smiling and spread smiles


A word that can get biggest valleys in two linked destinations… And unfortunately no bridge can connect it like before….
We have become very quick and hasty in deciding whether to end the beautiful bonds… Be it friendship or anything…. We hardly think before speaking…
Its at times better to simply be a good listener…. Listen with your ears and hearts open and clean…. Because many a times even of we give a listeninng ear…. We have our pre made conceptions…. Our own conclusions which are drawn… And dont allow others to justify them selves…
Give a chance of being heard to the one who wants to explain… If you are still not convinced with the reasoning and answers…. Try to be quiet and not decide when you are actaully not in neutral state of mind…. Never ever promise when you arw too happy and never yell out when you are in a bad temper….
Just be quiet…. Sit in peace… Rethink the situation and then speak to the person…. Not everytime will the situation turn positive byt atleast you will be happy and contended that you tried your best to save things and mend them up


via Daily Prompt: Invisible

Invisibility – Wowww something which you can’t see but yeah can feel for sure, because had it been we could not even feel the same we would have never realized it’s presence!!!

Do you wish to be invisible???

I wish I could become invisible…. To check out on all the secrets which are hidden in my presence…
I wish I could be invisible to all negativity that keeps flowing through out the day…
I wish I could be invisible…. To all that gets me pains…

That Blush

via Daily Prompt: Blush

Blush – Dictionary meaning of which simply goes as – showing shyness…

But when you ask the meaning to a writer or rather a person who can play with words and reflect the feelings – you will hear it endlessly what blush means…

Reddening of her cheeks after hearing his name!!!

The unwanted smile even on his jokes pretty lame!!

Those eyes bowing in shyness…

When around her is His Highness!!!

The beautiful spark filled in her eye which try to avoid meeting his eye…

That twinkle on the her face and feeling of “HE IS MY GUY”

(Well, its not only the girls who blush….Even guys, who rather love their girls blush….how do they do that – Lets See)

When its her call and he is about to receive it BUT his childhood friends are around…

And one of the naughty friend gives a cunning smile…”, the way his heartbeats sound!!!

When its his mom who for a change says…Your girl is amazing

That inward smile and those silent looks – all’s mesmerizing!!!

When she simply says – what a physique !!(specially that one girl who he dreams about)

Its the shy smile playing hide & seek

The thousands of memories and innumerous feelings that flush

All are simply expressed and summed in that single blush!!!