Bappa Morya….!!!

One of the most awaited festival of entire Maharashtra – Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

Where Lord Ganesha is welcomed with great respect, joy and love to everyone’s home!! Staying with us for 10 days, he makes the atmosphere vibrate in energy – all to a different level!!

If Mumbai is known for the huge idols touching the sky from where the almighty showers his lovely blessings!!! We Punekars – rather proud Punekar welcome Bappa in grandeur of the traditional Dhol-Tasha, lezim the colorful rangolis and even the air sings along with us – Ganpati Bappa Morya Mangal Murthi Morya!!!

Today let us just get briefed that why and how is Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrated?

The first section of the Mahabharata states that it was Ganesha who wrote down the text to Vyasa’s dictation. Ganesha is said to have agreed to write it only if Vyasa never paused in his recitation. Vyasa agrees on condition that Ganesha takes the time to understand what was said before writing it down.

So, Ganesha began to write Mahabharata along with Ved Vyasa. They wrote Mahabharata in 10 days without taking a pause. They didn’t eat/drink anything during these 10 days. Due to this, Ganesha was dehydrated.

So, a layer of clay(mitti) was applied all over his body. Then he was asked to get in river and cool down.(Something similar to Ganesh Visarjan)

And this is why we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and immerse Ganeshji in water.

How is it celebrated?

Lord Ganesha – believed to be the remover of obstacles (Vighnaharta), and the god of intellect and wisdom (Buddhi Devta).

Worshipped by nearly all castes and all around the globe – Japan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. Ganesha being everyone’s favorite be it the Bollywood celebrities or the common Man – I am sure everyone in our childhood must have gone crazy for the way the decorations will be done, who will get Bappa home, who will be the one performing the first aarti etc. The grand celebration starts with the installation of Ganesh idols in colorfully decorated temporary made structures – one which is made at our homes – where creativity just flows at peak – Bappa sitting on mountain type structure, at times on bed of flowers etc.  Followed by the rituals – Pranapratishhtha – the process of infusing the deity into a murti or idol, Shhodashopachara – 16 forms of paying tribute to Ganesha,

At the time of the ritual coconut, jaggery, modaks, durva i.e. blades of grass and hibiscus flowers (His favorite flowers was what mom always told me from childhood) are offered and throughout the ceremonial occasion several hymns echoes down the mind of devotees bringing in a divine peace.

During the 10 days – if in case you have ever been part of the competitions that are held in societies, you will surely recall all those fancy dress where one becomes doctor, the other Bhaji wali and its all fun and enjoyment. 10 days just fly off in the air of happiness!!

On the last day, immersion of the statues in the ocean, or other bodies of water, and their subsequent destruction serves as a reminder of this belief. (These are traditionally known as Uttarpuja – Puja after which the idol could be shifted after it’s infusion, Ganpati Visarjan – immersion of the Idol in the river.)


Lastly. I would like to make an appeal – the tradition of immersing Bappa in river bodies was not a harm as the idols made then were of clay, mud and colurs were all natural and hence were no harm to the water animals! But in todays times the idols are all made of non-degradable material which harms the water diversity and endangers their living. Start a change from yourself immerse your “Ladka Bappa” in the artificial pools created by the local authorities.

(I am really proud that even though I was brought up in a traditional family where traditions are strictly followed as they were, on understanding the need to change our thoughts, we have been practicing Ganesh Visarjan in a self-made water tank sort of structure from past 3 years and will be continuing the same.)

Guru Pournima

One of the best days to honour a person who helps us in building the foundation of life – “Guru Pournima”. Yeah I said Foundation because no one learns things by birth, you are taught at times by life and at times by people in life… These people are though not always there to guide you for a lifetime they surely show you ways to come out of all difficult situations of life.

“They teach you come out of the storm even with a broken oar

The darkest clouds and windy nights are no more scary to soar

They guide you on the unknown roads

They help you solve the difficult codes!!

They throw light on darkest realities of life

They solve the mysteries of all the strife

They mould the clay to shape of pot

They help you and your dreams to tie a knot”




They are amazing… A tribe of people who are working towards the betterment of society.

 Well, are you a teacher??? Yes you are… if you inspire your own self for being better than what you were yesterday. If you help your friends excel in their academics… If you assist your co-workers to work in better style….You need not have that blackboard and chalks to be a teacher…Life experiences makes you learn and tech as well…. You are a teacher at times knowingly and at times unknowingly.

So, it is everyone’s day…Happy Guru Pournima to everyone out there!!!

But then, before summing it all, there is one biggest teacher for everyone, be it a newborn or be it a old man, be it that street beggar or be it a man in his Benz, be it anyone. This one teacher is common to all… By now you all must have guessed it right? The teacher is none other than LIFE!!!

The greatest teacher of all times… I remember reading a forwarded message which had so much truth in it….Life is a teacher which tests you first and then teaches you (too deep to get the actual meaning I want to convey) And it is so very true. Life puts you in situations where you cant even see your self surviving but it also shows you ways to come out living a more luxurious life than before!!!


Keep learning…Keep teaching!!! Enjoy the beautiful gift – LIFE!!

Smile and spread smiles!!!



Let us Plant a safe future together!!!

Do you love gardening?? Do you like the fresh blooming flowers?? Do you enjoy the peace when you get lost in beauty of Mother Earth???

Of course, yes!!! But do you know few of the scary facts, If not let me just discuss them with you today….

Each year, thirteen million hectares of forest disappear from our planet due to human activity, a frenetic pace of 100 square meters per second, mostly caused by agriculture. 60% of deforestation is caused by the extension of agro-industrial intensive farming (soya, palm oil, corn…); 30% is caused by small-scale farmers’ activity to develop their subsistence crops and energy resources (cooking wood).

Forest degradation is held responsible for 18 to 20% of greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere. It is one of the main contributors to global warming. If we don’t stop deforestation, rainforests will have completely disappeared by 2040.

And so as humans we need to start afforestation again if we want to live a life on earth, if we wanna breathe naturally and not the oxygen cylinders.

So here we as Pune WICASA team jointly with Pune branch of WIRC invite you to the Mega Event of Fruit Seed Plantation on 15th of July, 2018 (Sunday) with your friends and family to come and join hands for a memorable cause which will not only make our lives a better living but will surely act as a blessing to our future generations!!!

WHAT and WHY seeds??? (And why are we planning to plant seeds and not readymade shrubs and climbers sort of thing)

SEEDS are many things. Above all else, they are a way of survival of their species. They are a way by which embryonic life can be almost suspended and then revived to a new development, even years after the parents are dead and gone. Seeds protect and sustain life. They are highly organized fortresses, well stocked with special supplies of food against long siege. Seeds are vehicles for the spread of new life from place to place by the elements and by animals and people. Seeds are food for man and animals

Seeds are beauty. Seeds are a symbol of beginnings. They are carriers of aid, of friendship, of good will. Seeds are a source of wonder. They are objects of earnest inquiry in man’s ceaseless search for understanding of living things. Seeds of unwanted kinds are as enemies; they are a source of trouble. Seeds are many things, but everything about seeds—their numbers and forms and structures—has a bearing on their main purpose, to insure continuing life. Seeds embryos of a new generation.

So friends, Come along with your friends and family, neighbors and co-workers to build a better place of living and a healthy place of living!!!

close up of tree against sky
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Plant Tress….Plant a healthy future life!!!


Being comfortable!

If you cannot bear your own silence and cannot handle your own chaos…. Little should you expect the world to handle it….

And if master this…. You will surely lead any situation in life to success!!!

Be comfortable with your own self!!!

Smile and spread smiles