Dear Parents!

Do you get fed up with every new problem your child draws to you with every new sun rise and sun set?! Or are you mentally harassed with all complains from the school or signing the ill remarks and visiting the school for your child more often then one visits the temple/church!?

Children – many believe that children are god’s gift. Then why do their problems become a tedious task to handle! As a parent, you indeed should take this situation as an opportunity where you can help your child to come out the difficulty and stand better than before. The next time your child has some issues which cannot be figured out at his end, instead of simply grumbling or comparing in two siblings and demonstrating how one is inferior to the other, take a pause and think on it. The young minds are more keen observers than the adult brains. So, take that unpleasant situation as an opportunity to build in your relationship to better standards. Running away from the situation by pushing the things off to your spouse or some other person will only ruin your image in your child’s mind. They observe your actions as well as the reactions you give them when they need your help and that is what you develop on their minds. That is the way you develop their personality. Many of you still may not be convinced by this discussion so far, so let us take a business example a simple reason being that in the fast-changing world. Trade is the only word which the illiterates are also literate in. You have a high revenue generating client of yours but at the same time is too irritating in terms of a thousand queries! Do you skip off or try grumbling over on him! Not at all. Then how can your children, the biggest assets of your personal balance sheets be an irritation when they have queries or need your help in understanding their own weak points!


Parents, a thought on this is surely needed! Do think! You are the potters of your little pots. Shape them with a little extra understanding and be there behind when they need a support and belief that you will hold them back if they fall.

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Understand what your child needs!


A word that can get biggest valleys in two linked destinations… And unfortunately no bridge can connect it like before….
We have become very quick and hasty in deciding whether to end the beautiful bonds… Be it friendship or anything…. We hardly think before speaking…
Its at times better to simply be a good listener…. Listen with your ears and hearts open and clean…. Because many a times even of we give a listeninng ear…. We have our pre made conceptions…. Our own conclusions which are drawn… And dont allow others to justify them selves…
Give a chance of being heard to the one who wants to explain… If you are still not convinced with the reasoning and answers…. Try to be quiet and not decide when you are actaully not in neutral state of mind…. Never ever promise when you arw too happy and never yell out when you are in a bad temper….
Just be quiet…. Sit in peace… Rethink the situation and then speak to the person…. Not everytime will the situation turn positive byt atleast you will be happy and contended that you tried your best to save things and mend them up