Jallosh 2K18

A wonderful event…. Like every other beautiful day that rises up with a awesome sun and ends with a mesmerizing sunset… Something same happened at Jallosh 2K18!!!!

Of course special thanks to all committee members with chairperson and chief guest as well as our judges, participants… Each and every volunteer out there who literally gave up their comfort level and took up the responsibility of the tasks allocated, the branch staff for kindest cooperation, the event organizers, the sponsors and the most important all viewers…..the people who made the event be a success!!!!

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Coffee date

And truly…. Alot can happen over a coffee…

You can have your old misunderstandings sorted… You can have some school friends meet back… A thousand memories can be called up…Or even old love can rebound…

What’s your story on coffee…!!??

Alot can happen over a coffee