Get up and work!!!

It was a failure….!!! A bad failure again and she was left broken…. Shattered down in pieces… Complete depression as to what next… Because the result of course mattered a lot… And was like a gate pass to her dreams… CA!!! And multiple attempts were hand in hand… Was what she knew… But then not again was what her every drop of sweat she shed studying day in and out was screaming!!! But then that was it… The results were out and it was “FAIL
She did start doubting herself and abilities now… Can I do this? Will it be possible? Were the 1000 questions crowding in her mind… Hitting nails on her future plans, the pain of which could be seen flowing through her eyes!! In entire darkness, there comes a fairy… A fairy friend… “Figgy” and the time she wasn’t able to trust herself, this beautiful fairy says… Get up girl, you can do it.. Not because of any other reasons other then the fact – YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!! You chose the dream… You chose the path knowing that it was tough… Because you knew you could do it, because you knew you are that capable… Not everyone comes here, if you dared to step into this…. Just go and complete it… Just go and give it your best…

That fairy didn’t speak a word of sympathy… She didn’t say that “may be hard luck this time… ” All she said was… Girl, get up and put in efforts, somewhere somehow your dedication was 99% and failure was because you lacked 1% to give in your 100%!!! So don’t shed those tears… Perspire and rise up…

That fairy didn’t wipe her tears… All she said was “tears symbolize that you accept you fell short of efforts… So go and give in again… ”

That fairy didn’t even ask her to take a break for all her depression, she just said… Life played on you… Now its your turn to play back… You were thrown right on your face…
(where accept parents no one stood back with you) so now you have to throw back and prove… You are not a FAILURE. Its matter of your hardwork… Consistent hardwork… Your sacrifices…

You feel insecure about friends leaving you if you are not in contact, then remember people who leave are not permanent and people who are permanent never leave…

You feel insecure about your love cheating, then that’s not love because love binds hearts forever… And it promotes each others dream!!!

Right now… All you need is your career… Your attempt…your goal… Cz may be you will get out of depression in a day or two… But there your dad is still struggling hard to see his daughter’s failure… He still silently cries late nights and prays for your success… There your Mom still quietly adds that extra almond in your breakfast saying this will help you in good memory and you will write your papers well next time…

They both just wanna see you successful, Girl!!!!
Saying this… the fairy sums it up as “Start studying and stop pretending” FOCUS and the next result should be exactly what you want!!!

The Girl was lucky enough to get that fairy in her life… And boost her confidence!!!

Guys this one is for you…. A fairy for u…. If this was a attempt where you gave efforts and still had to accept a failure… Accept your mistakes and give it another try… Sit with your books… Avoid social media… Learn write read use any technique suitable for you… Just go and give the attempt, but this time like a warrior… You are wounded with an failure and in hindi it is said “Ghayal sher jyada khatarnak hota h” Go and give your 100% the result is waiting…. The prefix of CA to your name will be your reward!!!

Just give in your 100%, not a little less nor a little more!!!

(dedicated to a friend who’s been source of motivation to me… My Fairy…. Love u Figgy… Thank you… And I swear this time it will be PASS)


You choose!!!

Choice is yours… Your future is something what you create by the choices you make…

Basically you constantly keep making choosing things from the variety of options available infront of you…
Few choices are simple and don’t bother much… Like wearing black or white… Like a e-book or crosswords’ copy…like high heels or flats!!! It doesn’t matter even if you flip a coin and decide when it comes to such decisions… But every thing can not be decided so haphazardly and in such lousy way… Few decisions need to be taken wisely… Few choices must be made after a deep study as to how will the selection of option throw an impact on your life…

“Because life is a canvas… A plain white sheet where if you throw a colur once.. Somehow in some manner it will be a part of your final picture, you might hide it with a darker shade for your satisfaction that its not seen… But its visible”

So choice is yours… To make or to break… Both are in your hands… Both are dependent on your actions!!!
Choose wisely… Your friends, your career, your lifestyle, your habits… Because it is creating you… It is making a impression of what you are…!!!!

Smile and spread smiles

Lets get sporty!!

If we just get back to history or even try to put light on life of any successful person, we see that the name, fame, power and money never comes on easily. It needs constant dedication, patience and commitment. It is a combination of mental as well as physical stability that enables you to achieve your goals. And sports are one of the best way to engage your body in physical activities.

Unlike before nowadays sports has now also become a good option for your professional growth. The importance of sports in the youth is not just to keep them away from the bad habits and ill culture prevailing there on the streets. Of-course that is one of the benefits, but unknowingly it also instils lessons that are essential in the life of a student athlete. Sports teaches values of discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, accountability etc

In today’s world it is not much of value if you only have a bunch of degrees and all first-class grades, because that has become the new normal thing. Everyone around you is struggling hard to earn a degree from a reputed college or institute. The corporate world now demands something extra, it asks a simple question to you as a candidate “what extra you have from the candidate which was interviewed a minute before you!!??” There falls a difference as sports enriches the qualities which experts possess after lots of experience and several hours spent on personality development courses. Sports help you with character building and personality so you need not go to hours of coaching classes in personality development classes, they build a good posture of your body so you need not lift kilos of weights or starve for weeks to lose that extra belly fat!! It protects you from the frequently faced joint pains, obesity, strokes etc so you need not see the doctor often. It gives you enough freshness and energy to stay right up the day long so you need not consume all sorts of energy capsules.

When one is physically fit you achieve better academically. It helps you make new friends and develop communication skills. It instils in you the qualities which build you as a person. So basically if you need to speak in terms of CA students – “Only audits, client place and returns and no refreshment makes an article dull student” So just get yourself enrolled in any sports activities. Because it makes you competitive by nature, helps your mind become sharp and alert i.e. professional scepticism is awakened!! It helps your body boost up and refils the monotonous work life with a lot of zest and enthusiasm!!!

Keep playing, Smile and spread smiles