Lets get sporty!!

If we just get back to history or even try to put light on life of any successful person, we see that the name, fame, power and money never comes on easily. It needs constant dedication, patience and commitment. It is a combination of mental as well as physical stability that enables you to achieve your goals. And sports are one of the best way to engage your body in physical activities.

Unlike before nowadays sports has now also become a good option for your professional growth. The importance of sports in the youth is not just to keep them away from the bad habits and ill culture prevailing there on the streets. Of-course that is one of the benefits, but unknowingly it also instils lessons that are essential in the life of a student athlete. Sports teaches values of discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, accountability etc

In today’s world it is not much of value if you only have a bunch of degrees and all first-class grades, because that has become the new normal thing. Everyone around you is struggling hard to earn a degree from a reputed college or institute. The corporate world now demands something extra, it asks a simple question to you as a candidate “what extra you have from the candidate which was interviewed a minute before you!!??” There falls a difference as sports enriches the qualities which experts possess after lots of experience and several hours spent on personality development courses. Sports help you with character building and personality so you need not go to hours of coaching classes in personality development classes, they build a good posture of your body so you need not lift kilos of weights or starve for weeks to lose that extra belly fat!! It protects you from the frequently faced joint pains, obesity, strokes etc so you need not see the doctor often. It gives you enough freshness and energy to stay right up the day long so you need not consume all sorts of energy capsules.

When one is physically fit you achieve better academically. It helps you make new friends and develop communication skills. It instils in you the qualities which build you as a person. So basically if you need to speak in terms of CA students – “Only audits, client place and returns and no refreshment makes an article dull student” So just get yourself enrolled in any sports activities. Because it makes you competitive by nature, helps your mind become sharp and alert i.e. professional scepticism is awakened!! It helps your body boost up and refils the monotonous work life with a lot of zest and enthusiasm!!!

Keep playing, Smile and spread smiles