कसूर ना हमारा था ना उनका!

कसूरवार तो ये जालीम वक्त ठेहरा

और शिकार दो आशीक हुए!

That Bad Dream!!!!

It was a beautiful Sunday evening…

All alone I was nearly dozing…

Thinking about our future…

Not so sure will our thoughts come true

In scorching hot sun it only we two!!

Long stretches of land and the lonely dessert..

Everything was harsh…we were all alone…

Because that was the cost we paid for our love…

We truly loved each other and weren’t gonna part…

For this we had to pay family and friends all going apart…

The initial days…we were very happy together..

We were enjoying the cozy comfy world we created for each other…

But Oops!!! That was just a start…

The black clouds started showing their art!!

No elders to guide us and be near….

No kids to laugh aloud and cheer…

Differences were all and only that arose…

Love and the understanding ..all just froze

Thoughts that now crossed were…What a mess it is being together

Tears, regrets and sorrows was all we were left with for each other…

And all of a sudden….I felt a vibration…

It was his sister…asking for coffee evening…

And Gosh!! it just felt like the bad dream got off its wing

All I realized with tears in my eyes…

And smile that was about to rise…

Our Families our with us…in all our sorrows and all our joys!!!

…This was a potrait of Another shade of love….we need a life partner for sure but one person does not comprise of entire family. You may make a new family with your partner but there will always be something missing without the elders and vice-a-versa you might make your name in society even if children marry their choices but without them society wont complete your family. Both elders as well as children need each other equally.

I dont wanna know

Love….It has got more then a fifty thousand shades!! When everyone finds love very happy and happening thing of life….it also has another shade where you are left helpless, you feel like ending every beautiful thing.

It feels like hell…and while going through this hell there are a thousands of questions that pop out through the heart!!! The naughty throbbing heart, even after being bruised doesn’t stop disturbing with all the beautiful memories spent that one special person…..the innumerable thoughts lived with that person!!! So there goes a portrait of what a broken heart feels like….and what are the interrogations that are rising!!!




I don’t wanna know why you made our story take an end

I just wanna know why did we even start if you were gonna end!!!

I don’t wanna know why you led me tears

I just wanna know why did you teach me smile when you knew I had to go back to tears??

I don’t wanna know why you cared?

I just wanna know why you made me dependent when you knew that later you wont care

I don’t wanna know why you walked out of my life?

I just wanna know if you were gonna leave, why didn’t you stop me from making you my life?

I don’t wanna know why you don’t feel for me anymore?

I just wanna know why you made me feel for you knowing you wont stand it later?

I don’t wanna how can you simply swim out the relationship and bonds we shared?

I just wanna know why you left me drowning in the ocean of memories we created….

Was I not that good to make you feel loved?

Was I not that understanding where you could once speak out loud?

I don’t wanna hear justifications…I just wanna seek my answer?

Coz it hurts…  It makes me go mad thinking about us…It draws me to anger!!

Love hurts but its still the best feeling one can experience in life!!! Where two strangers become soul mates….!!!! Where life seems prettier then ever before!!!

Love rules….Love lves forever….!!!



A word that can get biggest valleys in two linked destinations… And unfortunately no bridge can connect it like before….
We have become very quick and hasty in deciding whether to end the beautiful bonds… Be it friendship or anything…. We hardly think before speaking…
Its at times better to simply be a good listener…. Listen with your ears and hearts open and clean…. Because many a times even of we give a listeninng ear…. We have our pre made conceptions…. Our own conclusions which are drawn… And dont allow others to justify them selves…
Give a chance of being heard to the one who wants to explain… If you are still not convinced with the reasoning and answers…. Try to be quiet and not decide when you are actaully not in neutral state of mind…. Never ever promise when you arw too happy and never yell out when you are in a bad temper….
Just be quiet…. Sit in peace… Rethink the situation and then speak to the person…. Not everytime will the situation turn positive byt atleast you will be happy and contended that you tried your best to save things and mend them up