As MCM in 2018-2019 at Pune WICASA

So at WICASA, starting from the sports league we had broad spectrum of events – The daily series which threw light on academics in a practical way, we had the ever first Pune WICASA MUN, Jallosh 2K19, Talent Hunts, we had Goa Industrial Visit and many more events!

Working day in and out to make events as planned on those excel sheets wasn’t an easy task, than to handle the volunteers, the venue issues and all other extra curricular activities which though occupied just an cell in excel sheet but when in reality it took off our wee morning hours and all the ALT+TAB timings in office!!

The most unforgettable memories of WICASA tenure:


The unforgettable MUN

Jallosh 2K19

The mesmerizing sports events

And not to be forgotten the early morning series on variety of topics!

And finally after all the efforts we had to WIN!

The Nationals!!!

The Regionals!!



Just read something very beautiful and thought of sharing it!!!!

अजीब बात है….रावण जलाने के लिये पहले उसे बनाना पडता है।


It actually is such an weird or strange sort of thing that to burn the Ravan we first need to make it

(PS – Ravan is an evil character in Indian mythology who was killed by Lord Rama on Eve of Dassera. And as an age old tradition even today people burn huge statutes of Ravan on this day)

Just a feed to your soul today – Burn the Ravan inside you then burning things outside…The world will gradually be in peace once you find peace for yourself

Dassera 2K18

Happy and prosperous Dassera to all of you!!!

Painted sky

And evenings have so much to say… So much to do… Such much to explore…

The painted red roof…

Standing up to give a proof…

Magic still glides…

Spreading the happy vibes…

There’s some one up there….

Who is so just and fair…

May be the day was too good…

Or may be the day dumped you in a bad mood…

There He is…

To paint your evenings and get you freeze…

To just stand by you…

See the day go and get you all new!!!

(The changing colors just did not allow me to move my eyes from them…And I had to believe the miracles of Him)


Innocence is seen in the eyes!!!

And same applies back…. If you see things with innocence nothing seems to difficult.

As a child we tried climbing trees without fear of falling, playing in water without fear of falling sick, we enjoyed ice cream even with flowing nose!!!

Reason being we never knew what fear is…. because we never knew hard facts or had the intelligence to draw conclusions…. Be innocent… Be child like and the world will be simple enough



Well, mornings like this one with nature and it’s so many gifts is far beyond perfect!!!

Sundays are all reserved for stress bursting, for all weekend chores, for that one lunch with your favorites, for that one movie to be seen or for cleaning up that desk which is piling up with papers… But…But… But… Do you really spend your sunday rightly as planned… Or just laze on the bed till the sun rises up on your head and wakes you up with its fierce rays peeping from window!!!??

Today let us just promise ourselves to spend the sunday to recharge our mental batteries for the new challenging week waiting to cram us with its twists and turns!!! So the question popping up will be how???

  • May be by just getting up early to spend some time with the chirping birds holding hot cup of tea and enjoying the cool silent breeze kissing your cheeks
  • May be simply clearing off the clutter on your study table to start all fresh, preparing new goals for the new week…
  • Or may be (my favorite) visiting a friend or relative whom you did miss but couldn’t even call up and have a word
  • May be you can cook something delicious for your breakfast…
  • Or writers can just sit down to pen all the thoughts that were waiting to be put on paper
  • Photographers can just walk out to click a few pics of the busy streets or those street dogs digging their nose in something..

Ohh!!! Sunday has just so much to be done… And I wish there could be 2 Sundays a week… My entire to-be done list will be completed

What are your ideas about sunday, do let me know in comments may be I get a new interesting one in my list!!😊

Window scenes

Mornings to wake up… With such a good morning chirping is just wonderful!!!

Well, it’s small things that can make your day if you have the right vision to enjoy every moment!!

See everything in such a way that even the worst seems perfectly best, because it’s your perception that decides your reaction and reaction decide your destiny!!!

Happy morning

Smile and spread smiles