Angarki Chaturthi!

This was a very innocent question I asked my Maa every single time from the time I started fasting on Chaturthi! – “Maa, why is it called Angarki Chaturthi and what is so special about it?” And she would reply when chaturthi falls on Tuesday it is Angarki!

Finally after nearly 7-8 years of Chaturthi I come to know the entire story of Angarki Chaturthi!

So Angarak literally means “red like burned coal”

So Angarak was son of Mother Earth and Rishi Bhardwaj who was great devotee of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha was impressed by Anagarak’s devotion and he asked him to express a wish which Ganesha could accomplish!

Angarak promptly replied – that he wanted his name to be associated with Bappa forever, and there it goes Ganesha granted him a wish that every chaturthi that falls on Tuesday will be named as Angarki Chaturthi

So to all the Bappa fans – Happy Angarki!

(आणि पुणेकर असाल तर एकदा दगडूशेठ ला नक्की भेट द्या!!!!)

(Picture credits – Sachin Mane)


Dad and daughters (1)

This is may be a voice of every small girl to her dad (Indian middle-class family who has his job from morning 8 to say something 6 in the evening)
Papa, today I had a holiday and was waiting for this day from past one week, so that I could tell you my school stories, so that I could make your hair like Justin Bieber, so that I could tie two ponies and put my favourite nail colour on your nails!! I was planning about the day with you so that I could create some memories in my childhood.
Baba, you know I do miss you a lot, When I get up you are already on your way to office, running with your tiffin and you just come back after reaching the door to kiss me a good day to school. Starting the day with your beautiful smile I get ready for my school, dreaming of a day that one day atleast your office goes on strike so that you could leave me to school, so that we could have so many talks and I could tell you how bitterly I miss your hugs and how badly I need you! Back then, when you come home, I am at my dance classes and by the time I come home you are either hooked in to some important presentation for the next day or planning about the monthly budget or may be simply chalking out the expenses of house!! Without disturbing you I just observe you or probably sometimes come and help you with my so called extra fast mathematics additions which you give me so that I don’t start with my chatter box 😉😉!!
The time being so bad it just flies off when you are at home!!
So today, I have decided that the day is ours! I will tell you all the fairy tales I watch on Disney, today I will teach you how to write and how to draw, you know I even learnt to paint a little, Papa, we will also go shopping , I wanna get a new pair of socks for you because yesterday I did notice you hiding your leg behind the chair because of the torn patch on the socks! I wanna show you all the stars I got for neat writing, I wanna spend a morning with you watching the sun touch the sky, I wanna walk a mile with you and see the sun setting, I wanna show you the moon plays hide and seek with me through my bedroom window!
Papa, I was really happy today, because I had a holiday and was gonna spend the entire day at home till the time your phone rang and you had an emergency meeting scheduled in an hour!
I was upset! I was about to cry and the minute you said I have promised the day with my princess, let the meeting be postponed I just ran and hugged you! I had my world with me! I had the most amazing memory of my childhood crafted today!!

(To all the dearest fathers!!! Spend more and more time with your daughters, because tomorrow when you might have time your daughter might have been wedded off!! And you spend hours with all the childhood photos where you were missing due to some important meeting, a business tour or some other upcoming project!!)

Luckiest daughters ever!!!! Papa love you alot

Oops!! Normally abnormal

I would like to open the blog with an question which you may answer at the end!
“Is this normal!? ”
It was “his” message, I will be there within an hour and it was topsy turvy situation for me!!

I mean…. That dried throat…those butterflies in my tummy… the clock where minutes seemed to be ticking slow… the world seemed to be more colorful
The blue colur box which has few colurs spill on its outside out of nowhere seemed to be something so very filmy… Like the blue sky with colurful rainbow on it!!

I was fine just few minutes before reading a novel and sipping my coffee… All of sudden after that blink on my phone it feels like the breeze is touching my cheeks and making me feel more in love… The chirping birds are singing love songs… And the setting sun is painting the sky just for us!!

And a little later… I looked at myself in mirror with idiotic thoughts like…. OMG!!! Is this something like multiple personality disorder or is the heart that is pumping like the basket ball tribles once it is bounced showing signs of some cardiac arrest?!? The eyes visualizing him in every corner of my room was shouting about my madness and gush of thousands of pretty smilez on my face!

I was standing in the window which I hardly even look at… More then 10 glimpses down the lane searching a familiar face and ears all alert to hear his bike honk out loud!! (whereas honking normally irritates me to its peak)
A girl who normally has messy hair and clumsy attire is my description for own self (and I don’t have any arguements on the same😉😉)… Just took a look saying… Is my skin too oily… Am I too stout… This shirt is fine, right!? And what not… But then next minute I setlled down with my empty coffee mug like… Oh… Any ways he loves me in my pimple face or that complete make up wala face… So rest again!!!

It was 7th time on the lazy Saturday evening that I took tons of efforts to go downstairs and see whether he has come!! And nearly every second minute my poor cell phone was disturbed to check out whether he has come!

I was confused….


And just typing this all in my words on my laptop… As my fingers moved on keyboard, there comes a hand guiding my fingers to end the blog as
“THIS IS LOVE – a heart to heart connection of one soul to the other”
Standing right behind me… There he had come with my favorite choclates peeping out of his pocket!!!

(And Wow!!! What a beautiful way to end the blog was he writing the closing line)

My Girl!

Its some one special who was born today!! Someone who knows me from the time she was born, someone who has been by me more than my shadows! Someone who is been there always whenever I have needed! The person with whom I can fight all day long, pull her hair, say ill things to her, criticize on face, beat her up, get beaten up by her, have all sort of cat fights and still will be first one to shed out tears for each other even if the other has got a scratch!!

The amazing bond I share with this special person of life is just not expressible in words!

My darling younger sister – Samu! Stay blessed my love, my make up artist, my hair dresser, my best critic, my dress designer, my fashion icon! My artist! In a nutshell you are my world sweetheart!!!

May the beautiful year ahead get you all you want to achieve in life, Reach heights of success!!

Happy Birthday Chasmish!!!!

People say “Ek Ladka Aur Ladki Kabhi Dost Nahi Ho Sakte” and another one goes as a “girl and boy being best friends, at a point of time fall for each other but may be at different times and so they remain in friend zone category for lifetime!!!!!!!

And I am lucky…. Ki we remain as besties!!!

Cz I can simply be the worst and best version with you… And that too no melodrama…!!!

Waise toh saath mai the wadiaz k science se!
Par meeting was fixed Modern k commerce mai!
I was that quite shy girl starting mai 😉 (okay, don’t show that teeth mai sacchi shy tha….!!!)
Cz science chodna was tough apne aap mai
Slowly the demand supply curves intersected with my lips!
And I started opening up with tea and chips
From the log table to debits and credits
From 0.1 perfection to reconciliation edits
The journey began….
And started my friendship with a stupid gang!
Initiated during some event’s preparation
When I ran the cutter on your finger and stared at you in agitation!

And till date…. I hope I am the most irritating nasty idiotic dramatic rotlu, the most sweet and beautiful types bestie of your life… (Beautiful – I have to be being the only girl in the group has its own advantages!!) If not mai declare karti hu ki mai hu….

So many things to say… Well tu mera support system which you have to be any damn case…. Haa kabhi kabhi the way to motivate me to get up and fight is thoda irritating but then that’s what friends are supposed to be !!! (Bahot bol diya na mai!!!)

Okay, happiest birthday chasmish….

Love you…Love you loads…
Mujhe and sayali ko bacchi bolta h and khud toh children’s day par born hua h… Aaaaa… We all miss you Putta… (Though I don’t know ye naam kyu h apne group ka… )
Come back soon… Coz once sayali and me are qualified chartereds we need financing for the start up🤣🤣🤣

(And haa… Waha Nigeria mai koi ladki patana mat… Waise patne nai wali tujhse fir bhi…. )

Hey guys, if anyone from Nigeria is reading this, we are sending a greatest gem in crown of friendship, one of the priceless pearls in my friend list, take care of this idiot!!!

Happiest Birthday Chamish!!! Stay Blessed forever!!!

May all your dreams come true!!!!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

Sunday at Meher Retreat #sunday

A wonderful day….
Something more then routine….
Something less then a long break….
Well…. Making new friends has always been my favorite….and after way long time I felt like I was with most amazing people…. Everyone had their own shade of colur…. From sameeksha’s pottery to Nitin’s photography…. Each one had something different…. (A lots of things added in my to-do list….)
When I left from the pick up point…. We were just known strangers… I had met everyone before but while coming back I started knowing everyone…
It was all of a combo pack…. From educational to recreational… If I had to sum up…
It will be something like….



Heading to meher retreat from ICAI bhavan…
We all joined hands one to one…
Under the captaincy of CA Rajesh Agarwal (sir)….
There was a group ready on his single call…
With our dear VC – Sameeksha and the nightingale – Nireeksha…
The bus took its move towards the destination (- Meher Retreat )
A bit ahead of Urli Kanchan…
The time flew off in Antakshari..
With guys “vilin” in their bhakti…
And girls showing sakti… (strictly not being lost in bhakti)
Our shayar Mr Dhananjay Bajaj was center of attention…
Oops forgot to mention that we all were a part of convention…
The photographers Gupta Ji and Abhilash Oke
Were the most wanted mundas by all the pouty girls…
In the trip which was total fun bina koi rok…
All started getting into the sunday mood as the day slowly whirls…
Sugar cane juice and bicycle ride…
Both were enjoyed side by side…
Lathi (Priyanka) got famous by bullock cart…
Bangad (Aditya) was “churchecha vishay” from the start
(anything being pointed at him from the time of antakshari)
The formal boy Mayur and lungi man Anna (Prashant Huggi)
The sweet photogenic beauty Hemangi and decent darling girl Riya…
The silent sweetheart Trupti…
It was all Indeed fun and tension se mukti…

The unseen face of Nilesh…

That unexpected photography of Dinesh

Sabko bottle se chupke maarne wala Shagun…. And uska pyaara saathi daar Krishna….!!!!
The team was surely incomplete without…..
Bottle chor king kadam….Akshay, Sairaj, Bhavik, Aditya, Sachin…..
It was CA students day out…
With all amazing people in….

(Guys I am really sorry…. I know few names are missing…. But each one of you contributed in making the day so memorable)

(Priyanka Shisodiya, Suyash we did miss u loads….. And all other volunteers)

It’s HIS birthday

Its his birthday today…..

Yes him….. The one who was waiting out of the delivery room getting uneasy to hold me in his hands…. When he held me for the first time…in his hands… All he felt was peace because he was blessed with a princess…

When I started crawling… He too crawled with me… When I grew a little more big… He took me rides on his back… Then came the time when I held his little finger wearing my new dress and stepped in nursery…. I was crying as loud as possible but little did I realize that he felt my tears more then anyone could feel….

Then I went to pre-primary… Learning A-B-C was more of a task for dad then me… Cz he had to do his homework of drawing apple and ball when I played teacher’s role and he became my student… We both played for hours where I would beat him up like a teacher for not learning correct spellings…. Little did I knew that he was making mistakes intentionally so that I should feel happy that I know the right answers…

It was my first speech and he became my audience over 100 times… It was my first dance and he danced as my partner till he himself learned it up…

He was upset when I didn’t clear my medical entrance but till today he hasn’t ever shown that or made me even realize that it was his dream to see me as Dr Aishwarya Jaju…. The first person who stood by me when I took up to chartered accountancy was my Dad…

I wrote my 3 hours long paper in AC room and he crossed his fingers sitting out in hot sun praying that my papers should be easy…

People looked down as they had daughters and he was filled with pride that he has daughters….

He isn’t just my dad…. He is my living inspiration… My hero… My first love… The one and only person in life for whom I will sacrifice the biggest of happiness if he isn’t happy….

And it’s his birthday today….

There are a thousand reasons you mean so much to me….

  1. The way you sacrifice the best plans if your daughters aren’t involved
  2. The way you fight with the world for our smiles
  3. That every sleepless night you have spent after scolding us
  4. That every result you said “I am proud of you my girl”
  5. That every single time when I stepped back saying I won’t be able to do that and you were like “I am there with you”
  6. The way you have been when me when world was against me
  7. All those Sundays you have become our Master Chef
  8. All those clinic times you made us the cashier
  9. All those days you read our books again and again so that you could take up our studies
  10. All those Diwalis you took out your not-so-old shirt saying its new one, and shopped most expensive dresses possible for us
  11. That school projects where I slept and you stayed awake late night to complete it
  12. That every tear you hide from us when you see us failing
  13. That every excitement you face when its actually our results
  14. All the while through the years passed by, the way you taught us to be independent
  15. Those times when you accepted mumma’s anger just because we were happy
  16. The first food cooked was praised even though it wasn’t that tasty
  17. The way you still by my side to check whether I am eating well
  18. For the mornings you get up just to make a cup of tea cz I am studying irrespective of the fact that you had late night patients
  19. For every small pillow fight and all the big events of life…
  20. The first day of school to the graduation day…. The most excited person for my events is you……
  21. For that every raksha bandan you never let us feel that we don’t have a brother
  22. For that every friendship day you came ahead as a bestie

I know every parent does this…but still your efforts to constantly get the best in both of your daughters was and still is exceptionally awesome… Papa We love you…. You mean alot more then a father to us…

Happy Birthday to the youngest heart…Live a long and healthy life… Heal pains of people and be their family member…. Stay blessed and happy for a lifetime….

(Love and respect you alot…. )


(samy…. Tula pan happy wala birthday…. You tooo rule a huge part of my life)