Cycling for a cause!

And the cause is fitness! Yes! Reason being a awareness (they are doctors by profession) – simply the ones who care for others health need to symbol of fitness and health to all their patients!

There started a journey of cycling – the only difference being it was not like we teenagers do – Every Sunday! It was a daily routine of cycling, be it a dark rainy morning or a chilly wintry dawn! It just cannot stop both these doctor friends from getting up and pedaling for health!

A simple route from Nagar road they pedal to Yerwada to Pune Station to their favorite early morning start at Dagdusheth Ganpati with a hot cup of tea and back to home! Well Sundays are special days and distance has no limits for both of them!

Getting up at 4:45 am where mornings be like ice too feels chilled is just an inspiration!

With all this dedication the duo completes 5000 kms today! To be specific some 5012 kms today! And I heartily congratulate them for keeping up the dedication to drive for fitness!

And it gives me immense pleasure and pride to reveal that one of the two super heroes is my DAD!

Proud of both of Jaiswal uncle and Papa! Keep up the young spirit going! It does give an inspiration to many of us!

Dr Jaiswal Uncle and Dad
Its morning 5:30 and the duo reaches to Dagdusheth Halwai everyday! 

Upcoming trend – #Cycling

Pune – once popularly known as the cycle city of Maharashtra, India…is gaining its historic name again…… Puneties are not at all back on getting back in trend….
Well, it truly feels glad to share with all of you about two such people who are in my all time top priority list have taken an active part in this trend setting…. So guys this post is wholly dedicated to you as well as all those who have taken an active part to get the cycles back in action!!
The first person I would mention is my all time hero – My Dad….. Whose been taking an active part in cycling events since past 2-3 years… A doctor by profession, has a strong belief that the more you make yourself comfortable and cozy the higher are you prone to catch up diseases!!
In his 50’s he runs and works out in a better way then me… He proudly uses his cycle to get things like from fresh veggies early morning to the newspaper,  and what not!!  Honestly speaking at first I  was like Dad,  please keep this away…. Its more of time waste its better you join the gym…. But later witnessing the after effects of it like freshness throughout the day,  that peacefulness after early morning ride praising the nature was something not found in an gym’s workout (though not against gym workouts)
Gradually I too started with dad, very few times as compared to him, but still!!!
Truly feels so very blessed to be his daughter, sincerely I appreciate the way you care for your as well as your patient’s health…!!
We have good enough time together with each other – cycling and sharing all sortss of secrets (which are to be kept away from Mom)
(So finally I had to lose over the bet that cycling is not that beneficial with Dad!!!)
Second,  to my surprise was one of my besties,  it was more of a shock when he announced that he is gonna go cycling to his office! My reaction was like have you simply lost it….how can you take a CYCLE to the office.  He was stubborn enough on his words and simply nodded his head saying “I will take it daily”,very next thought that crossed my mind was “kar le beta nautanki h, apne aap gaadi par aaega tisre din, ye sirf do din ki chandni h!!!” (just a two day show then will be back on bike). But more of to our shock, he uses his cycle even when we plan group meet-up. Amazing stubborness as to normally outh from our generation are more of Lazy in physical exertion, we need more things handy and faster. But he was and is an exception to all of that!! Taking part in cycling meets and all is kinda making him more fresh and young…Proud of you yaar!!!
Basically all I wanna say is guys we can set an example may be at our workplace, our society, in our families and every where possible. Its an one amazing way you can enjoy the way Mother Nature pampers you if you cycle in wee mornings, you will be fascinated to see the way the sky is painted in colurs and evenings can be a time to enjoy the flawless sunset!!!
Cycling has got its own benefits as follows –
  1. Helps in keeping your heart strong
  2. Helps to build a strong self-esteem
  3. Allows you to spend time with your very ownself.
  4. Helps you in getting new friends
  5. For greener planet – Saves Fuel

And the list continues!! Guys come up with your views on the same, share your experiences in comments section!!

Its kind appeal….request to all my readers (more of my extended family) that once try to get back pedaling your way to either your workplace, friend’s home or any way possible. Set an example!!!


Keep cycling, Stay healthy. Smile and spread smiles


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