Why Stress!?

Back Again here! Did the ones who read the previous blog thought over the topic – “Why do we stress up?” When I started writing I thought let it be the random thoughts of my brain, but as I started writing it happened to be a blend of some studied facts of psychology and self-thinking.

We stress up when the world of our illusions do not match the reality. So, is dreaming wrong? No, it isn’t, but yes dreaming of unrealistic goals is wrong. Second reason why stress hovers us so easily is – we prefer keeping those things private which should actually be spoken off and show off those things which basically should be private! We prefer speaking on the unnecessary huge expense done on weekend parties and the overpriced outfit you bought to just flaunt off in one party! (if I have to say it in Hindi – it would be something like – Bhai – tera dress, teri party, duniya ko dikhakar kya milega!) But we feel reluctant, we feel embarrassed to tell someone that “I had a sleepless night or something like, yes this is taking a toll on your peace”. Okay, again here – share your success stories, motivate others to do better don’t show off just to make someone be jealous of you or make the other feel inferior (atleast not intentionally)

Other reasons and much common – all googled ones rather – Relationship failure (one of the biggest cause for huge mental stress at all levels of age), Professional competition and hand in hand steps in the financial crunches and related issues (mostly seen in working age groups and even a little in teens), Social acceptance or social standing(very common in age group of 13-24), Others happen to be like – Loss of near ones, comparisons in peers, Peer pressure, Over thinking and over analysing things and situations etc.

Each of the topic will be dealt in details in upcoming blogs with simple solutions to all problems out of which most of them are our own creations!

So what will you do today – may be while you are just sitting in the evening with you cup of tea – try talking to your family, if alone try talking to yourself do you undergo any of the above things which makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you feel that you cannot work with full potential and something is disturbing you back of the mind. Write about it or speak about it to your closed ones (and if no one hears you – use the social platforms – but express yourself. You can reply back here in the comments or simply mail on – letsendthestigma1@gmail.com)

We will be dealing with “Biggest stress factor tomorrow – RELATIONSHIP FAILURE”. Hope that this is making a difference to you – even a single person feels motivated to share his story reading this, it would be biggest change I could create on my end!

Let’s make life better – Share it to all those whom you love dearly!

Be the light!

This is a series on “Protecting Mental Health” and every day you will have your dose of motivation to understand yourself and the people around you better.

Focus of today’s write up is “let us be there”

Every incidence has got a lesson and we need to learn from it! YES! We need to understand the reasons and remedies to it! Let us not be there for everyone – We have got specialized people for that, right? We have counsellors, we have psychologists, we have therapists its like we do have professionals to handle when things are beyond control.

What we can do is – let us just be there for people whom we cross our paths to. I am not asking you to be there at the cost of your own peace! Naa, not at all, but atleast we can make sure that our actions don’t hurt anyone. Our words don’t rip someone’s heart. It might happen that we aren’t in confirmation with the person sitting across the table, it might so happen that even after taking same efforts someone else has taken up a bigger promotion, it might happen that things just go upside down – but that gives us no right to start abusing or criticizing the other person. It was his share of success; it was his luck. It is okay to grow slow but it is not okay to grow at the cost of someone else’s unrest. You do not justify yourself when you sleep peacefully when someone else is facing inconvenience just because of you.

It is like the chain – you think for others, you be there for others and someone else returns it back to you! Life will get much simpler this way. We are all one community – we are all tied in knots of humanity. Let us be humans’ friends! Let us be there for every one and do our small bit to help the world be a better place to live in!

Tomorrow we will be learning as to “Why do we stress up?”

(You can always ping me on my Instagram (Aishwarya Jaju) to suggest topics or even reply back here in the comments or simply mail on – letsendthestigma1@gmail.com ! And if you find reading this helped you do share it!!)

Self Analysis

I was confused! I was self-analyzing my own steps and thoughts and decisions taken in the past! Was it because of the isolation in lock-down or was is it a result of a deep conversation!? Well the process was memorable to start from the pen and paper jotting down things and thinking over each of the word given as an advice to now where I could find path which can be walked well!

Writing down a few maybe it helps you as well!

  1. Every age has some rights and some obligations! – A deep line which if given a thought can cut your thinking and corresponding actions as sharp as sword the sword. When a student you have the right to ask for academic help but then you also have an obligation to produce results. In childhood if you have a right to be free of tensions and burdens you have an obligation to keep that childishness alive in you! You cannot skip the bar and mix two ages’ rights and obligations – because that’s the time where you create heavy blunders for your own future.


  1. Compromise is a compromise till you make it feel the same – If you think on the dilemmas or issues having solutions contradicting your wishes in a way to accept it whole heartedly with a mutual agreement it isn’t a compromise, instead it will be a promise to yourself to stay happy with decisions taken in self-interest!


  1. Thinking Substance over form – A language used probably in law has got a lot of relevance in real life as well! One cannot think about every scenario in a bookish manner. Like, if one thing is ideal in a specific way, it need not be the same in every circumstance, because the definition of ideal in every situation varies! Think more in substance then the formats.


  1. You cannot stay happy at cost of others cries –Though I always firmly believed in this, but it was highlighted again. Happiness is something that spreads, and how can you smile when the reason behind the smiles is a thousand tears and bad vibes. Rather it must be rule – that one should not build his own life, ruining 10 other people’s smiles. (I guess, Karma works here better)


  1. You cannot question your Parents! –The ones who walked with your small steps and held your fingers to make a better life at the cost of every sacrifice that was demanded by time – they cannot be wrong! Under them every problem finds its own solution. Rude at times but they are the only ones who will think for your benefit even if it takes a huge toll on them!



Cycling for a cause!

And the cause is fitness! Yes! Reason being a awareness (they are doctors by profession) – simply the ones who care for others health need to symbol of fitness and health to all their patients!

There started a journey of cycling – the only difference being it was not like we teenagers do – Every Sunday! It was a daily routine of cycling, be it a dark rainy morning or a chilly wintry dawn! It just cannot stop both these doctor friends from getting up and pedaling for health!

A simple route from Nagar road they pedal to Yerwada to Pune Station to their favorite early morning start at Dagdusheth Ganpati with a hot cup of tea and back to home! Well Sundays are special days and distance has no limits for both of them!

Getting up at 4:45 am where mornings be like ice too feels chilled is just an inspiration!

With all this dedication the duo completes 5000 kms today! To be specific some 5012 kms today! And I heartily congratulate them for keeping up the dedication to drive for fitness!

And it gives me immense pleasure and pride to reveal that one of the two super heroes is my DAD!

Proud of both of Jaiswal uncle and Papa! Keep up the young spirit going! It does give an inspiration to many of us!

Dr Jaiswal Uncle and Dad

Its morning 5:30 and the duo reaches to Dagdusheth Halwai everyday! 

Upcoming trend – #Cycling

Pune – once popularly known as the cycle city of Maharashtra, India…is gaining its historic name again…… Puneties are not at all back on getting back in trend….
Well, it truly feels glad to share with all of you about two such people who are in my all time top priority list have taken an active part in this trend setting…. So guys this post is wholly dedicated to you as well as all those who have taken an active part to get the cycles back in action!!
The first person I would mention is my all time hero – My Dad….. Whose been taking an active part in cycling events since past 2-3 years… A doctor by profession, has a strong belief that the more you make yourself comfortable and cozy the higher are you prone to catch up diseases!!
In his 50’s he runs and works out in a better way then me… He proudly uses his cycle to get things like from fresh veggies early morning to the newspaper,  and what not!!  Honestly speaking at first I  was like Dad,  please keep this away…. Its more of time waste its better you join the gym…. But later witnessing the after effects of it like freshness throughout the day,  that peacefulness after early morning ride praising the nature was something not found in an gym’s workout (though not against gym workouts)
Gradually I too started with dad, very few times as compared to him, but still!!!
Truly feels so very blessed to be his daughter, sincerely I appreciate the way you care for your as well as your patient’s health…!!
We have good enough time together with each other – cycling and sharing all sortss of secrets (which are to be kept away from Mom)
(So finally I had to lose over the bet that cycling is not that beneficial with Dad!!!)
Second,  to my surprise was one of my besties,  it was more of a shock when he announced that he is gonna go cycling to his office! My reaction was like have you simply lost it….how can you take a CYCLE to the office.  He was stubborn enough on his words and simply nodded his head saying “I will take it daily”,very next thought that crossed my mind was “kar le beta nautanki h, apne aap gaadi par aaega tisre din, ye sirf do din ki chandni h!!!” (just a two day show then will be back on bike). But more of to our shock, he uses his cycle even when we plan group meet-up. Amazing stubborness as to normally outh from our generation are more of Lazy in physical exertion, we need more things handy and faster. But he was and is an exception to all of that!! Taking part in cycling meets and all is kinda making him more fresh and young…Proud of you yaar!!!
Basically all I wanna say is guys we can set an example may be at our workplace, our society, in our families and every where possible. Its an one amazing way you can enjoy the way Mother Nature pampers you if you cycle in wee mornings, you will be fascinated to see the way the sky is painted in colurs and evenings can be a time to enjoy the flawless sunset!!!
Cycling has got its own benefits as follows –
  1. Helps in keeping your heart strong
  2. Helps to build a strong self-esteem
  3. Allows you to spend time with your very ownself.
  4. Helps you in getting new friends
  5. For greener planet – Saves Fuel

And the list continues!! Guys come up with your views on the same, share your experiences in comments section!!

Its kind appeal….request to all my readers (more of my extended family) that once try to get back pedaling your way to either your workplace, friend’s home or any way possible. Set an example!!!


Keep cycling, Stay healthy. Smile and spread smiles


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