Lets take on a topic not paid much attention to…. Well maids, yeah the same lady which comes to our house, office or society compounds to clean and all other jobs which are assumed to be inferior in nature… Well, why is it inferior no one knows!!

Like, how silly can our society be…we feel that cleaning our own clothes, vessels, house and society is inferior!!! Though that isn’t the topic of discussion today but still we need to give that a thought (may be it will form a part of future topics for writing!!!)

Without beating round the bush, Lets come to the theme of discussion i.e. The treatment we give to the maids who actually help us keeping our house and the surroundings clean. I don’t know how many of you have paid an keen attention on this, because as such we never get sensitive unless and until the victim of an incidence is someone related to us emotionally or we have got some benefit out of him!!!

Maids who work in our house and work place are humans as well, it’s just a difference that we sit on chairs of responsibilities having some white collar job and they are illiterate and have an inferior job (as we think) to do. But if we think on this more prudently, without them our white collar jobs will be so damn messy.

Imagine, one fresh Monday morning, you are all set to start the week with new zest and energy and when you reach your work place you simply see the coffee mug on your desk probably which you had on week end say Saturday is a home for houseflies or something like the papers you scrapped from your desk is still making the dustbin overflow. Oooffhh!!! Wont it be a total demotivation to your freshly started motivated monday morning???

The reason for our smooth working is somewhere or the other depended on all those maids, peons and office boys whom we think have no respect. We call them “kachrewale” but guys do you realize they are the ones who clean and not the ones who litter.

Be a little sensitive to them as well… They too are humans who have families and feelings. Remember the way you react when your maid asks a day off early or informs you that she will be late the other day, the all sort of ugly faces we make.

Come on guys, that person too has got feelings, may be some work at home or a special day of her kids. Just try to be understanding because that’s what the world needs today. We have got enough technology and all sort of luxuries, its time to make our hearts luxurious!!!!

#stay happy

Keep smiling and spread smiles

Lost Kids

Have kids of today lost the innocence?? A question discussed by group of doctors in their monthly meet made me think a lot!!! My point of view for this question was bit clumpsy and ambiguous, what I feel is kids of today probably born after 2006 or say 2007, haven’t lost their innocence but have matured way earlier. They have become more aggressive, violent, impatient etc. I am not taking out negative aspects but these are few qualities randomly found in the upcoming generation (though I don’t fall in an elderly generation but lucky to be kid of 90’s).

Reasons for losing their innocence and maturing earlier is probably extra information…extra exposure to knowledge!! You might be like, Hey Aisha, how can knowledge be harmful?? But to face the fact excess of anything can be harmful, everything in life has its appropriate timing and if and only if this principle is followed then things fall rightly in right place.

So what is going wrong nowadays??

The excess use of “Smart Technology” to make the generation smarter!!! Let kids enjoy their childhood, let them collect memories of falling on sand, crying for chocolates, secretly planning against elder brother/sister, playing in mud, littering the house with craft papers then simply giving them a phone or tablet and downloading games. The games played in open air will teach them practical situations. No doubt there might be some benefits of this newly trending “Smart Technology” but it for sure has more drawbacks!!!

Getting back to why I had an clumsy answer to the newly arising question was – Though kids are getting hampered the reason for their untimely maturity is the ones who say we care for our children more then our ownselves “the parents”. Accept it or not, this is a fact that no child was born with an tablet or phone or laptops, this was all taught by parents, sometimes in excitement and sometimes just to make the child busy in some other thing because parents have got some office work or and household get together.

Its time for parents to realize that rather then making extra talented robots for future we need a little extra humanity in humans. We need to teach, the future of tomorrow is not just technology and progress, its something that makes you feel satisfied.

Well the topic can be extended as long as possible!! But can I get your views on this topic as vast as ocean??


I dont wanna know

Love….It has got more then a fifty thousand shades!! When everyone finds love very happy and happening thing of life….it also has another shade where you are left helpless, you feel like ending every beautiful thing.

It feels like hell…and while going through this hell there are a thousands of questions that pop out through the heart!!! The naughty throbbing heart, even after being bruised doesn’t stop disturbing with all the beautiful memories spent that one special person…..the innumerable thoughts lived with that person!!! So there goes a portrait of what a broken heart feels like….and what are the interrogations that are rising!!!




I don’t wanna know why you made our story take an end

I just wanna know why did we even start if you were gonna end!!!

I don’t wanna know why you led me tears

I just wanna know why did you teach me smile when you knew I had to go back to tears??

I don’t wanna know why you cared?

I just wanna know why you made me dependent when you knew that later you wont care

I don’t wanna know why you walked out of my life?

I just wanna know if you were gonna leave, why didn’t you stop me from making you my life?

I don’t wanna know why you don’t feel for me anymore?

I just wanna know why you made me feel for you knowing you wont stand it later?

I don’t wanna how can you simply swim out the relationship and bonds we shared?

I just wanna know why you left me drowning in the ocean of memories we created….

Was I not that good to make you feel loved?

Was I not that understanding where you could once speak out loud?

I don’t wanna hear justifications…I just wanna seek my answer?

Coz it hurts…  It makes me go mad thinking about us…It draws me to anger!!

Love hurts but its still the best feeling one can experience in life!!! Where two strangers become soul mates….!!!! Where life seems prettier then ever before!!!

Love rules….Love lves forever….!!!