It is Valentine’s day!

Did you confess your love to the one you just stared at through the lectures? Did you approach the one whom you have secretly been admiring since weeks and months? Did you express yourself to the one whose one glimpse makes you feel chills in the spine?

Today I would rather like to share my view on the same topic – Expressing love and gratitude!

Guys, do you realize that having a crush is rather easy then collecting the guts to go and express things! It is really a tedious task (of course if you mean your feelings for a lifetime which a rare scenario in today’s time) to confess your feelings to someone whom you look forward to spend a life with. It is like you need to pour the entire pot of feelings in a tiny bottle. Is this article something like – “5 ways to express your love” or “Tips to successful proposal”? Naah, not at all. The next few paragraphs will just tell you how important it is to express yourself, not only that first ever time in life! But that every single time when it is possible to show your care and concern in any relationship.

No one can read other person’s mind each and every time, so don’t be unrealistic to assume things that the person will realize things in an implicit manner and that there’s no need to be expressive in nature! You may love a person very dearly but let your words and your actions mean the same. Let your presence make the person feel a sense of security and warmth.

Expressing for one time doesn’t mean it has an life time effect. You need to be there in times of need, you need to reach out to the person adjusting your problems, you need to be understanding and supportive if you really mean when you say someone is your FOREVER.

Falling in love with a face is easiest job, falling for a soul is something like time taking

Expressing your love is an easy affair, but meaning it for a lifetime is more of hard efforts

And equally important – signing the Archies cards as “my forever and always” is as simple as scribbling ABCD of rough paper but meaning that always and forever is like painting the canvas colorful without colors!


The Inter-Religion Love

She wished he wore a sherwani
And he wished she wore a hijaab….
So that their innocent love story would be completed!!!!
She wished he loved red…
And he wished she worshiped the green!!!
So that they could colour rainbow of their love!!!
She wished he takes the saath feras!
And he wished she pronounced “qubool
hai” thrice!!
So that they could be bound together for a lifetime!!

But it was an open secret that…
She did “ibadat”
And he performed “pooja”
She seeked dua
And he took aashirwad
She learned about Quran
And he knew verses of Geeta
She loved the Sheer Khurma
And he loved the kheer
She enjoyed the iddi
And loved bowing down just for that money blessings
She enjoyed iftiyaar
And he lit Diwali diyas!!!!

Both had just a question
To his Allah
And to her Krishna…
Jab mohabbat swayam aapne b ki… Jab pyaar karna khud aapne sikhaya…
Toh ab jab muqammal karne ka waqt aaya tab kyu hume aapke naam par banaye inn khokale deewaron mai gher liya
Nikaah ussi se ho jisse ishq kiya…
Shaadi saath janmon ka sath hota h
Ye khud tune hi sikhaaya…
Toh ab ye ucch neech
Amir gareeb… Hindu Musalman kaha se aaya humare beech!!!???
Sawaal bahot h tujhse mere maula…
Bass kabhi deedar ho aapka…

Oops!! Normally abnormal

I would like to open the blog with an question which you may answer at the end!
“Is this normal!? ”
It was “his” message, I will be there within an hour and it was Topsy turvy situation for me!!

I mean…. That dried throat…those butterflies in my tummy… the clock where minutes seemed to be ticking slow… the world seemed to be more colorful
The blue color box which has few colors spill on its outside out of nowhere seemed to be something so very filmy… Like the blue sky with colorful rainbow on it!!

I was fine just few minutes before reading a novel and sipping my coffee… All of sudden after that blink on my phone it feels like the breeze is touching my cheeks and making me feel more in love… The chirping birds are singing love songs… And the setting sun is painting the sky just for us!!

And a little later… I looked at myself in mirror with idiotic thoughts like…. OMG!!! Is this something like multiple personality disorder or is the heart that is pumping like the basket ball tribles once it is bounced showing signs of some cardiac arrest?!? The eyes visualizing him in every corner of my room was shouting about my madness and gush of thousands of pretty smilez on my face!

I was standing in the window which I hardly even look at… More then 10 glimpses down the lane searching a familiar face and ears all alert to hear his bike honk out loud!! (whereas honking normally irritates me to its peak)
A girl who normally has messy hair and clumsy attire is my description for own self (and I don’t have any arguments on the same😉😉)… Just took a look saying… Is my skin too oily… Am I too stout… This shirt is fine, right!? And what not… But then next minute I setlled down with my empty coffee mug like… Oh… Any ways he loves me in my pimple face or that complete make up wala face… So rest again!!!

It was 7th time on the lazy Saturday evening that I took tons of efforts to go downstairs and see whether he has come!! And nearly every second minute my poor cell phone was disturbed to check out whether he has come!

I was confused….


And just typing this all in my words on my laptop… As my fingers moved on keyboard, there comes a hand guiding my fingers to end the blog as
“THIS IS LOVE – a heart to heart connection of one soul to the other”
Standing right behind me… There he had come with my favorite chocolates peeping out of his pocket!!!

(And Wow!!! What a beautiful way to end the blog was he writing the closing line)

Teenage Love

In School life….everyone has that one small crush… A person whom we just look at and smile and the day is perfect…. That madness and innocence…. Is just adorable….

And accept it or not… Be it anyone from the “scholar naina” to the “back benchers”!!!!

This poem goes to that sweet smiles and naughty winks….



Love – A teenaged innocent love
Two hearts one aim
To make their story a successful game
It was all about waiting for that blink on the cell
It was all about each other’s company they fell
Just a call and the moods were lit
A simple wish to talk and sit
Just a look and the world’s mine
Just a smile and worst things go fine
Its about those small fights
Its about all those childish rights (on each other’s life)
Just a drop of tear
And there your dear one is near
It was all about loving each other
It was all about being together!!!


Keep smiling and spread smiles….

How do I tell you???

Love….. A feeling that takes you to a different land…. It makes you forget what you do… What you are… Where and how you are!!! Need not always be in a couple…. Mother’s love and warmth makes you forget the bad day… Dad’s love gives you an assurance that come what may he is with you… Sister’s love makes you feel that there is so much spice in life… Brother’s affection makes you feel pampered… Friends’ make you forget off the shit happening around!!!!

The poem depicts the confusing mind when you wanna confess your love towards the one you love…

How do I tell you…
There is really something that I have started feeling for you…
Its true that I can’t force you to be mine…
But without you nothing seems to be fine…
There’s something in you hey boy…the way you talk…the way you sit…
May be so you linger in my mind every minute…
When you are around…
My world just goes upside down…
Your one look…confuses me to smile…blush or frown…
I just wanna confess my feelings “Mr Handsome”
I wish a day comes that you accept my rose…
And come and say that “Yes…you are the one I have chose”
Then I kiss you to be forever mine…
And steal your last name…with celebration of wine…
I really love you to the moon and back…
I promise to be by your side in white and black
Coz its you who has stolen this heart..
Its you and just you….

Have a happy weekend…. Love and spread love


A sad BREAK-UP!!!

Partition….Its always painful…Be it in two lovers or else…But splits always are difficult to get over in short term and at times for a lifetime….This is a short poem – a trail to showcase the feelings after break-up of two high school love birds which somehow could not make up till the end!!!
And I finally took a Call for myself….
I know I cant live without you…
But i still choose to bide you a farewell…
To start all over again…to start it all new….
Your presence was something my heart always longed for…
But now it traps me…Not a feeling of home anymore…
And so I choose to make a living in your absence…
I choose to breathe the fresh air breaking the fence…
Fence of your fake love and broken promises….
I would prefer a survival with our cute memories and all those childish wishes…
It isn’t that easy for me…
To make it you and me from the title of “WE”
Coz I still cant cross the road without holding your hand…
I still write your last name with mine in the sand…
I still cant believe that we had times enjoying pillow fight…
Still cant forget those phone calls all night…
In spite of every good memory…
I walk off….is what I can say in a summary….
I choose to walk alone…
Then to dash to the old chapters…
And simply sit and moan…
I choose my smile…Coz that’s what matters…!!!
(P.S. – The poem is written during my school days – back before 4-5 years….Hope it reflects the broken hearts….hope it makes people realize that anger is just for few seconds…misunderstandings are all just matter of taking out time and resolving them…Its difficult to come up again after a bad relationship…this is an attempt so that all can feel the pain and not jump to extremes of parting off…Love is really a beautiful feeling don’t let it ruin off because of short term thoughts)
Stay blessed…Smile and spread smiles

Valentine’s Day Special


14th of February…Worldwide celebrated as Valentine’s day!!

I wonder if the day is to be rejoiced as day of love…then why so much of chaos and hatred towards the people who show love!! Strange, the way people simply make up stories on seeing a girl and boy talking to each other on road side,classroom, corridor or anywhere…Be it they are dating or not, be it even if they are siblings, be it they are besties…We just got to understand one thing that “Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte”, Why so??? Well no one knows the answer, but still everyone will be there to make up huge stories and create all sort of nuisance…

Grow up India…Grow up as people broaden your horizons to think beyond the traditional way of judging out people, Stop pointing out fingers on other people’s daughters for a simple reason that you too may face the same cz you too have a sister, a friend, a daughter.

On second note, let’s take it as yeah there is couple who is dating…why can’t we simply let them love…why so much of bothering – caste, religion, colour, creed…I mean why can’t we simply rely on two basic things that if two people love each other then all we need to be assured is of both are well educated to be independent and secondly both are good as humans. Why does the caste system jump in middle….Why does the society out of no where becomes so hugely concerned of the two families?? (Girl’s & boy’s family)

Problem is like….even if girl is from a higher caste there’s a problem saying, no she won’t be able to adjust, whereas if guy is from upper caste there’s an issue being how can that girl adopt our rich culture!! Are we the followers of same Krishna who is worshipped as God of Love??? And if yes, then why can’t we simply respect the real life Krishnas and Radhas??? Why do they become a shame to family??? Why does a love marriage become a talk of the town if unsuccessful and arranged marriage even if broken within a month is yet fine??

Respecting each and every one’s views, I too am quite traditional in thoughts, respecting elders, obeying their thoughts is something that is instilled in me from childhood, but somewhere I do feel that we were also taught during schooling – Do not DISCRIMINATE people on any basis. The Constitution of India taught that we are all one.

I wonder whether your GOD said this that people who love each other should be separated even at the cost of their lives?? A simple and way traditional scene at our houses be like whenever families come to know about their children having relationships with someone not in their caste is something as follows –

  1. Mom in the house – Why didn’t you tell us before?? Did you do anything wrong with that guy?? What will our neighbours and relatives say???
  2. Dad’s reaction – Where did I fall short in keeping you happy that you did this to our family?? Now who will marry your younger siblings? You are a shame to the family (the same father who was proud enough to hold all trophies with his daughter in school is now ashamed just because she dared to love someone!!)
  3. Grandparents – It’s all your mother’s fault, she needs all those kitty parties, had it been my children I would not seen their face in lifetime!!!
  4. Other neighbours – We never thought she/he could do this, She/he was so innocent looking etc etc
  5. Relatives – Its okay where do today’s generation listen to us etc etc

The talks are just not stoppable…Why can’t we simply go ahead, and confirm out whether they are suitable professionally, do their likes match, are they compatible??

As parents, I respect the concern for your child, but honestly I feel sorry, that it is not the concern of your child’d security that gets you feel upset, Its the “LOG KYA KAHEGE???” fever!!!

Its an appeal to all, as children we need to choose people keeping in mind our standards in means of professional & educational background, so that there’s no question on your independency and stability later (not to forget that both families are yours, you can’t leave either of them). And for the parents, once try to understand your child’s feelings, if you are still insecure with reasons other then the caste system go ahead and explain it your child, I’m sure they will agree if you once try to be their friend rather then  parent!!!


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all of you!!!!

Love and spread love, make world a better place to live in!!!