Someone just randomly said – it’s all about going through the phase, it’s all about being through that tunnel, it’s all about feeling that experience!
May be then I was a little naive in my childhood to understand how deep this meant and how it impacts everything around! Many times, we listen to experiences narrated maybe we even visualize the same or see the actual things in videos. But still there is a constant urge to experience it in person.
Have you wondered why so? Because few things are to be felt! Everyone says falling in love is one the most beautiful thing one could ever feel, a father’s hug is safest. mother’s lap is most soothing pillow to fall asleep – but only when we experience it by our own self.
Looking at this other way – many a times people do warn us of not to do few things – but it so happens that we only understand when we ourselves face the consequences. Not that we don’t trust them but that “urge”!!
That urge to know what it feels like, that urge to go through all of it and note it to self, that urge to simply know yourself better while you are going through the process!

Smile and Spread Smiles


4 thoughts on “Experiences

  1. It’s true…even if your family and friends generously share their own experiences to help you have a smooth process yourself, nothing ever sinks in unless you experience it yourself. Experiences teach you some very valuable lessons and learnings. I firmly believe that people who seem clumsy and confused are actually those who have not gained any experience and who have not dirtied their hands.

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  2. Keep on writing.
    Experiences teach us in our life.
    We become more confident and bold with more experience in our life.
    Good and bad all gives a good lesson in our life.
    Really speaking experience is a good teacher of our life.U r writing very nice dear. Keep it up.

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