As MCM in 2018-2019 at Pune WICASA

So at WICASA, starting from the sports league we had broad spectrum of events – The daily series which threw light on academics in a practical way, we had the ever first Pune WICASA MUN, Jallosh 2K19, Talent Hunts, we had Goa Industrial Visit and many more events!

Working day in and out to make events as planned on those excel sheets wasn’t an easy task, than to handle the volunteers, the venue issues and all other extra curricular activities which though occupied just an cell in excel sheet but when in reality it took off our wee morning hours and all the ALT+TAB timings in office!!

The most unforgettable memories of WICASA tenure:


The unforgettable MUN

Jallosh 2K19

The mesmerizing sports events

And not to be forgotten the early morning series on variety of topics!

And finally after all the efforts we had to WIN!

The Nationals!!!

The Regionals!!

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