A wonderful day at Adlabs Imagica – It was truly beyond imagination!! The fun, the thrill and everything was so damn exciting!!! It was truly one of its kind experience with the most amazing people (a group of around 80-85 people from all ages!)…

Sundays like these can’t just be got over so easily!! One more thing – Hats off to all the engineers and master minds behind the construction of unimaginable destination of enjoyment – IMAGICA!!

Personally, I enjoyed the Deep Space ride, The Rajasauraus, The Scream Ride and The Nitro one!! I could feel that fear and thrill both dancing through my stomach to my eyes which met the enthusiastic air through my huge screams!!!


2 thoughts on “Imagica!

  1. It was beyond imagination. I also enjoyed Nitro Scream ride.I have a mixed feeling about Nitro ride whether to do or not but my younger daughter samu and my friends gave me daring for that and finally did. Really i was very happy after that ride.only some kind of fear was in my mind.
    Such so many rides r there in imagica rely it was a fantastic weekend for all of us .All enjoyed a lot.G8 it was a nice trip well organised by all VCKDA COMMITTE.

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