Me Too movement – voice against sexual harassment and sexual assault. Spreading like forest fire in India it started a year before in west. The sirens of this movement have now become unstoppable and rather loud then before. Moving from the glamour industry, women from every industry are voicing against injustice which has ever happened in the past not only to them but are joining hands to support the ill that ever took place in their presence.

My personal opinion on this movement is that lets not pollute the prime moto of this movement that was started to get justice to the victims which due to some reason could not be given then and there when it took place. As a girl, I respect the feelings of every lady who had to compromise with the most valuable asset of life – HER DIGNITY!! But let us not take an undue advantage and simply start pin pointing every person of past (with whom may be today we are not in good terms with) with whom we actually spent the time in happy mood with a cheerful face and name the beautiful memories as “Sexual Assault” Because the same will make the entire foundation of this movement so useless and baseless. Let the movement serve its original mission and not the revenge of past.

Let us not take the MeToo Movement as a FASHION or trap to attract sympathy. Of course, every girl who has faced a bad past should stand up so that the history doesn’t repeat itself!! But then, be very clear before you post something and give a new feed on your social sites to hungry media who always starves for a news! Be clear to few questions like “Are you strong enough to fight the battle?” “Can you support your fight with reasonable evidences?”, “Will you take this struggle till the last minute and get justice for yourself?”, “Is the post only for following the hashtags or gathering some extra pampering from the public or is it for some literal meaning where you are protesting and have the guts to face the-come-what-may situation to see the unjust being punished?”

The only concern is Fighting rightly for a wrong and unjust situation is surely accepted but fighting against the right just for publicity or any such wrong reason is absolutely not “THE STRONG GIRL’S THING”

Girls out there, you are the power, you are the trend setter, you have that in you which even makes the strongest powers bow infront of you. You are the symbol of strength and the light in darkness. If you decide you can create miracles all around. Don’t portray a weaker picture of yours infront of the society, have the strength to stand not only for your ownself but also for the one whom you have seen suffering!

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