Ganesha teaches……

Every festival we celebrate and every tradition we follow preach the feelings attached with science and behind it. When we bow down to God, we don’t bow down to stone statue standing or an artistically painted painting but we bow down to a something which constantly supports us… A figure which has some significance and meaning for the way we live in life, which emits a constant source of unending energy. Lets just learn what our favorite Bappa has got to teach us with all the accessories and the posture we worship him in!

Big Head: Thinking big simply means have an optimistic attitude to life. Be future oriented and face all the difficulties with a lion’s heart. Don’t ever be the one to ask WHY ME? Thank me and say Try me!!

Small eyes: To concentrate on only what is needed at the moment. Say for instance you are on an important project, that time is to be concentrated only on how you can give your maximum productivity and put in your 100% and no thoughts of weekend parties should distract you then! Observe more then just seeing and forgetting

Large ears: One who listens more acquires more! In fact if you give people around you a patient hearing you will notice that half your problems find a solution on their own. Hear to hear and not just to respond on what you hear!

Axe: Cut the rope of appreciation you want from others to make you feel happy. You did a task because you enjoyed doing it, because it was your passion, because it was your duty and not for the mere sake of someone patting your back! Just cut the strands of expectations from others, you are only person on entire earth who can fulfil your own expectations, so expect from self and accomplish them

Small mouth: If you speak less, you are always aware what is going in your mind, what to speak and what to not. Speak less but it should be so powerful and meaningful that it can create the change in someone mind. Speak only when needed, don’t blab your advices free of cost to every Tom-Dick-Harry because not everyone values it!

Trunk: Denotes what kind of strength a person should have. It is powerful as well as adaptable. In the tough situation, by using this strength a person can handle the thing softly and also to protect himself it can be used as a punching and thrusting weapon. Be flexible and adapt to the environmental changes.

Mouse: The mouse is a shamanic symbol of wisdom, scrutiny, discovery and organization. Ganesha uses the mouse as his vehicle, means, on riding these qualities you can have everything you want.

Many more things that Bappa teaches us!! And I would be glad if you point them out and instill it in yourself to shape you in a better way!!

Don’t just be the one out dancing in the crowd, or sitting on that huge multi storey sound system or one with Dhol-Tasha, of course this is the time for celebration but if you actually love your Bappa, once try to follow his teachings and he will surely happier to enjoy the festival more after that!

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