Guru Pournima

One of the best days to honour a person who helps us in building the foundation of life – “Guru Pournima”. Yeah I said Foundation because no one learns things by birth, you are taught at times by life and at times by people in life… These people are though not always there to guide you for a lifetime they surely show you ways to come out of all difficult situations of life.

“They teach you come out of the storm even with a broken oar

The darkest clouds and windy nights are no more scary to soar

They guide you on the unknown roads

They help you solve the difficult codes!!

They throw light on darkest realities of life

They solve the mysteries of all the strife

They mould the clay to shape of pot

They help you and your dreams to tie a knot”




They are amazing… A tribe of people who are working towards the betterment of society.

 Well, are you a teacher??? Yes you are… if you inspire your own self for being better than what you were yesterday. If you help your friends excel in their academics… If you assist your co-workers to work in better style….You need not have that blackboard and chalks to be a teacher…Life experiences makes you learn and tech as well…. You are a teacher at times knowingly and at times unknowingly.

So, it is everyone’s day…Happy Guru Pournima to everyone out there!!!

But then, before summing it all, there is one biggest teacher for everyone, be it a newborn or be it a old man, be it that street beggar or be it a man in his Benz, be it anyone. This one teacher is common to all… By now you all must have guessed it right? The teacher is none other than LIFE!!!

The greatest teacher of all times… I remember reading a forwarded message which had so much truth in it….Life is a teacher which tests you first and then teaches you (too deep to get the actual meaning I want to convey) And it is so very true. Life puts you in situations where you cant even see your self surviving but it also shows you ways to come out living a more luxurious life than before!!!


Keep learning…Keep teaching!!! Enjoy the beautiful gift – LIFE!!

Smile and spread smiles!!!



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