Let us Plant a safe future together!!!

Do you love gardening?? Do you like the fresh blooming flowers?? Do you enjoy the peace when you get lost in beauty of Mother Earth???

Of course, yes!!! But do you know few of the scary facts, If not let me just discuss them with you today….

Each year, thirteen million hectares of forest disappear from our planet due to human activity, a frenetic pace of 100 square meters per second, mostly caused by agriculture. 60% of deforestation is caused by the extension of agro-industrial intensive farming (soya, palm oil, corn…); 30% is caused by small-scale farmers’ activity to develop their subsistence crops and energy resources (cooking wood).

Forest degradation is held responsible for 18 to 20% of greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere. It is one of the main contributors to global warming. If we don’t stop deforestation, rainforests will have completely disappeared by 2040.

And so as humans we need to start afforestation again if we want to live a life on earth, if we wanna breathe naturally and not the oxygen cylinders.

So here we as Pune WICASA team jointly with Pune branch of WIRC invite you to the Mega Event of Fruit Seed Plantation on 15th of July, 2018 (Sunday) with your friends and family to come and join hands for a memorable cause which will not only make our lives a better living but will surely act as a blessing to our future generations!!!

WHAT and WHY seeds??? (And why are we planning to plant seeds and not readymade shrubs and climbers sort of thing)

SEEDS are many things. Above all else, they are a way of survival of their species. They are a way by which embryonic life can be almost suspended and then revived to a new development, even years after the parents are dead and gone. Seeds protect and sustain life. They are highly organized fortresses, well stocked with special supplies of food against long siege. Seeds are vehicles for the spread of new life from place to place by the elements and by animals and people. Seeds are food for man and animals

Seeds are beauty. Seeds are a symbol of beginnings. They are carriers of aid, of friendship, of good will. Seeds are a source of wonder. They are objects of earnest inquiry in man’s ceaseless search for understanding of living things. Seeds of unwanted kinds are as enemies; they are a source of trouble. Seeds are many things, but everything about seeds—their numbers and forms and structures—has a bearing on their main purpose, to insure continuing life. Seeds embryos of a new generation.

So friends, Come along with your friends and family, neighbors and co-workers to build a better place of living and a healthy place of living!!!

close up of tree against sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Plant Tress….Plant a healthy future life!!!


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