Lets take on a topic not paid much attention to…. Well maids, yeah the same lady which comes to our house, office or society compounds to clean and all other jobs which are assumed to be inferior in nature… Well, why is it inferior no one knows!!

Like, how silly can our society be…we feel that cleaning our own clothes, vessels, house and society is inferior!!! Though that isn’t the topic of discussion today but still we need to give that a thought (may be it will form a part of future topics for writing!!!)

Without beating round the bush, Lets come to the theme of discussion i.e. The treatment we give to the maids who actually help us keeping our house and the surroundings clean. I don’t know how many of you have paid an keen attention on this, because as such we never get sensitive unless and until the victim of an incidence is someone related to us emotionally or we have got some benefit out of him!!!

Maids who work in our house and work place are humans as well, it’s just a difference that we sit on chairs of responsibilities having some white collar job and they are illiterate and have an inferior job (as we think) to do. But if we think on this more prudently, without them our white collar jobs will be so damn messy.

Imagine, one fresh Monday morning, you are all set to start the week with new zest and energy and when you reach your work place you simply see the coffee mug on your desk probably which you had on week end say Saturday is a home for houseflies or something like the papers you scrapped from your desk is still making the dustbin overflow. Oooffhh!!! Wont it be a total demotivation to your freshly started motivated monday morning???

The reason for our smooth working is somewhere or the other depended on all those maids, peons and office boys whom we think have no respect. We call them “kachrewale” but guys do you realize they are the ones who clean and not the ones who litter.

Be a little sensitive to them as well… They too are humans who have families and feelings. Remember the way you react when your maid asks a day off early or informs you that she will be late the other day, the all sort of ugly faces we make.

Come on guys, that person too has got feelings, may be some work at home or a special day of her kids. Just try to be understanding because that’s what the world needs today. We have got enough technology and all sort of luxuries, its time to make our hearts luxurious!!!!

#stay happy

Keep smiling and spread smiles

8 thoughts on “Maids!!!!

  1. Well written dear, Good post. If we treat them shit for cleaning the floor or our clothes. till the moment she/he cleans up floor/clothe we were using it and what we should be called for wearing such dirty shirt or walk on such floor…and many people don’t care it..

    I feel only in India and few other places we treat them shit/ In Singapore too they treat little shit… and I happen to see in Europe the maids coming in Audi car and cleaning up and earning a handful of money , say 120 Euro / 9500 Rs per cleaning the house for a single time.. and they want to / treat them majestically, and yes they do!

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    1. I happen see a maid being crying all the whole night outside the house , don’t know what reason. they throw her possessions outside the house and made her cry whole night and day, basically those maids are posted by a consultancy and, they must inform consultancy if any wrong doing, rather they treat them shit. I even saw in news, Indian maid ladies being forced to prostitution by thugs in Singapore( In youtube you can see such videos). This is by cruel and forcing someone poor into more painful life.

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        1. My friend thats the case in our country we want government to force us through some rules and regulations…. But people like u n me can start creating a change from us rather then waiting for the government, Right!!???

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          1. Exactly, writing a post and reading a few persont won’t help, because we both are liked minded guys and we are talking ourselves, no need of rules, we always think of Rules and Law, there are many ways to implement an idea, Ads, Programs, TV, newspaper, offices, posters, we shuld make people understand humanity that;s it..same for Rape too… we should make people aware of cruelty

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            1. Very true…. And honestly i agree with you…
              Sensitivity needs to be found again…. It needs to be made a part of our living….the world is running in an unending competition of being successful in terms of all external comforts…!!!

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