A word that can get biggest valleys in two linked destinations… And unfortunately no bridge can connect it like before….
We have become very quick and hasty in deciding whether to end the beautiful bonds… Be it friendship or anything…. We hardly think before speaking…
Its at times better to simply be a good listener…. Listen with your ears and hearts open and clean…. Because many a times even of we give a listeninng ear…. We have our pre made conceptions…. Our own conclusions which are drawn… And dont allow others to justify them selves…
Give a chance of being heard to the one who wants to explain… If you are still not convinced with the reasoning and answers…. Try to be quiet and not decide when you are actaully not in neutral state of mind…. Never ever promise when you arw too happy and never yell out when you are in a bad temper….
Just be quiet…. Sit in peace… Rethink the situation and then speak to the person…. Not everytime will the situation turn positive byt atleast you will be happy and contended that you tried your best to save things and mend them up

3 thoughts on “Misunderstanding!!!!

  1. Such a valuable lesson… To listen and hear others is so important, but it so easy to just keep talking, to hear only what we want to hear or nod and hear nothing at all… Thank you for sharing this – I hear you and understand you. 🙂

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