That Blush

via Daily Prompt: Blush

Blush – Dictionary meaning of which simply goes as – showing shyness…

But when you ask the meaning to a writer or rather a person who can play with words and reflect the feelings – you will hear it endlessly what blush means…

Reddening of her cheeks after hearing his name!!!

The unwanted smile even on his jokes pretty lame!!

Those eyes bowing in shyness…

When around her is His Highness!!!

The beautiful spark filled in her eye which try to avoid meeting his eye…

That twinkle on the her face and feeling of “HE IS MY GUY”

(Well, its not only the girls who blush….Even guys, who rather love their girls blush….how do they do that – Lets See)

When its her call and he is about to receive it BUT his childhood friends are around…

And one of the naughty friend gives a cunning smile…”, the way his heartbeats sound!!!

When its his mom who for a change says…Your girl is amazing

That inward smile and those silent looks – all’s mesmerizing!!!

When she simply says – what a physique !!(specially that one girl who he dreams about)

Its the shy smile playing hide & seek

The thousands of memories and innumerous feelings that flush

All are simply expressed and summed in that single blush!!!

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