Grasping ideas….

The dictionary meaning (literal) of the word grasp goes as hold something firmly whereas when you go deep to the word it simply means to understand something may be something isn’t straight enough and makes you think.

Do we need to have a nature which grasps things, ideas or people around?

Well, yes we do need to be so!!! You need to be grasp ideas around you…be inquisitive and learn more, you need to understand things which are more cheesy then easy!!

Now what do I mean by grasp people, grasping people in simple sense means attack on their minds…influence the people around you. Live a life where people look up to you!!

Grasp things…be quick to learn lessons what every event in life has got to teach you…everything happening around, happens for a reason. Learn the reason and learn the lesson!!

Have a wonderful wednesday!!!

Smile and spread smiles!!!

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