It’s HIS birthday

Its his birthday today…..

Yes him….. The one who was waiting out of the delivery room getting uneasy to hold me in his hands…. When he held me for the first time…in his hands… All he felt was peace because he was blessed with a princess…

When I started crawling… He too crawled with me… When I grew a little more big… He took me rides on his back… Then came the time when I held his little finger wearing my new dress and stepped in nursery…. I was crying as loud as possible but little did I realize that he felt my tears more then anyone could feel….

Then I went to pre-primary… Learning A-B-C was more of a task for dad then me… Cz he had to do his homework of drawing apple and ball when I played teacher’s role and he became my student… We both played for hours where I would beat him up like a teacher for not learning correct spellings…. Little did I knew that he was making mistakes intentionally so that I should feel happy that I know the right answers…

It was my first speech and he became my audience over 100 times… It was my first dance and he danced as my partner till he himself learned it up…

He was upset when I didn’t clear my medical entrance but till today he hasn’t ever shown that or made me even realize that it was his dream to see me as Dr Aishwarya Jaju…. The first person who stood by me when I took up to chartered accountancy was my Dad…

I wrote my 3 hours long paper in AC room and he crossed his fingers sitting out in hot sun praying that my papers should be easy…

People looked down as they had daughters and he was filled with pride that he has daughters….

He isn’t just my dad…. He is my living inspiration… My hero… My first love… The one and only person in life for whom I will sacrifice the biggest of happiness if he isn’t happy….

And it’s his birthday today….

There are a thousand reasons you mean so much to me….

  1. The way you sacrifice the best plans if your daughters aren’t involved
  2. The way you fight with the world for our smiles
  3. That every sleepless night you have spent after scolding us
  4. That every result you said “I am proud of you my girl”
  5. That every single time when I stepped back saying I won’t be able to do that and you were like “I am there with you”
  6. The way you have been when me when world was against me
  7. All those Sundays you have become our Master Chef
  8. All those clinic times you made us the cashier
  9. All those days you read our books again and again so that you could take up our studies
  10. All those Diwalis you took out your not-so-old shirt saying its new one, and shopped most expensive dresses possible for us
  11. That school projects where I slept and you stayed awake late night to complete it
  12. That every tear you hide from us when you see us failing
  13. That every excitement you face when its actually our results
  14. All the while through the years passed by, the way you taught us to be independent
  15. Those times when you accepted mumma’s anger just because we were happy
  16. The first food cooked was praised even though it wasn’t that tasty
  17. The way you still by my side to check whether I am eating well
  18. For the mornings you get up just to make a cup of tea cz I am studying irrespective of the fact that you had late night patients
  19. For every small pillow fight and all the big events of life…
  20. The first day of school to the graduation day…. The most excited person for my events is you……
  21. For that every raksha bandan you never let us feel that we don’t have a brother
  22. For that every friendship day you came ahead as a bestie

I know every parent does this…but still your efforts to constantly get the best in both of your daughters was and still is exceptionally awesome… Papa We love you…. You mean alot more then a father to us…

Happy Birthday to the youngest heart…Live a long and healthy life… Heal pains of people and be their family member…. Stay blessed and happy for a lifetime….

(Love and respect you alot…. )


(samy…. Tula pan happy wala birthday…. You tooo rule a huge part of my life)

14 thoughts on “It’s HIS birthday

  1. Thats too overwhelming, dear Aishwarya…Filled with emotions n pride for Dad.. very touching..
    God bless you ..

    A very happy birthday to you sir!πŸ’

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent execution of true feeling.
    Every father would like to receive such a great appriciation & love from his kids.
    Aishwarya, good job beta.

    Liked by 1 person

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